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15B Innovation, Quality, Performance STAGE TRI-PAR 18TC CP-18TC Manual

15B Innovation, Quality, Performance STAGE TRI-PAR 18TC CP-18TC Manual Please read the manual carefully before use 2014.11.04 Yifeng Controlled Copy 1B

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RDHM5 Series Isolating Switch Product Manual

RDHM5 series isolating switches are suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz rated voltage 690V and below, rated current up to 800A circuit, mainly used for on-off resistive load, including appropriate overload, as a line and power isolation. Especially suitable for effective isolation of power supply during line maintenance and prevention of accidental closing, so as to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

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A leather cutting device

The utility model relates to the field of cutting technology, and in particular to a leather cutting device, comprising a cutting table, the outer side wall of the cutting table being provided with two housings, the top surface of each of the two housings being provided with a slideway, the outer side wall of each of the two housings being provided with a first rotating hole, the inner side wall of the slideway being provided with a second rotating hole, the outer side wall of each of the two housings being provided with an adjusting mechanism, the top surface of each of the two housings being provided with an electric push rod, the top end of each of the two electric push rods being fixedly installed with the same electric slide rail, the outer side wall of the electric slide rail being slidably connected with a slide sleeve, the bottom surface of the slide sleeve being fixedly installed with a laser cutting machine, and the top surface of the cutting table being provided with a plurality of clamping mechanisms.

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Vertical Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine User Manual

This product is a vertical multi-spindle drilling machine, model ZB5213x12 series, ZB5213x6 series, ZB5213x8 series.

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Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Controller User Manual

This document is a user manual for an industrial sewing machine servo controller. It introduces the features and specifications of the controller and provides operating instructions.

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This product is a proximity switch with the following features: 1. Explosion-proof design, can be used in flammable and explosive environments. 2. Tamper-proof design to prevent人为损坏. 3. Wide power supply voltage range, can be used between 110VAC and 220VAC. 4. Small load current, can work under minimum operating current. 5. Large return current, can work under load return current.

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PLAS0H Series Hand-Held Rotary Pipe Cutters Operator's Manual

This document describes the PLAS0H series of hand-held rotary pipe cutters, which includes four models: PLASOH, PLASOHPE, PLASOH12, and PLASOH12PE. This series of products can cut and bevel plastic pipes up to 12 inches (335 mm) in diameter.

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SG30_33_36_40_50CX-P2-CN-UCN-Ver15-202205 User Manual PV Grid-connected Inverter

This manual introduces the product information, installation, operation and maintenance instructions of the inverter.

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UV Transilluminator UV-15 Operation Manual

UV-15 UV Transilluminator is a kind of instrument used for observation and cutting of nucleic acid gel electrophoresis results. It uses ultraviolet light of different wavelengths to detect DNA and RNA electrophoresis gel samples. The instrument is widely used in scientific research institutes and enterprises in the fields of molecular biology, molecular genetics, medicine and health, biological products, agriculture and other life sciences.

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Bosch GBH 220 Professional 2 Power Tool User Manual

The document is about the user manual of Bosch GBH 220 Professional 2 power tool.

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Robot Programming Operation Manual

This document describes the programming operation manual of the robot, including the programming system overview, PROGRAM (program) interface, LOCATION (position) interface and TEACH (teaching) screen.

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LinkWaveV2.3 Manual

LinkWaveV2.3 Manual mainly introduces the usage and safety precautions of LinkWaveV2.0 base station.

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Lubricant & Antirust KURE/CRC 3-36 Safety Data Sheet

Lubricant & Antirust KURE/CRC 3-36 is an industrial grade lubricant and antirust agent that can improve the rust resistance and lubricity of metal parts. It is a flammable liquid that can damage the lungs and skin. Swallowing and entering the respiratory tract can be fatal.

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A limiting type bending machine

The utility model discloses a limiting type bending machine, comprising a bending machine housing, a limiting plate, a support plate and an export disk, wherein one side of the bending machine housing is fixedly connected with a fixed plate, the upper surface of the fixed plate is provided with a driving motor I, the lower surface of the driving motor I is connected with a screw rod, the surface of the screw rod is threadedly connected with a moving block, both sides of the moving block are fixedly connected with a connecting rod, the lower end of the connecting rod is provided with a limiting plate, one side of the bending machine housing is贯穿设置有支撑板,通过设置的驱动电机一,能够通过驱动电机一运转,能够使丝杆转动,通过设置的丝杆,能够通过丝杆转动,实现使丝杆表面的移动块位置移动,通过设置的移动块,能够通过移动块位置移动,实现使移动块下端的限位板位置移动,从而实现限位板与支撑板表面的材料接触,从而实现同时限制材料竖直和水平方向。

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Soundcraft Notepad 5, 8FX, and 12FX Mixer User Guide

This user guide describes how to use the Soundcraft Notepad 5, 8FX, and 12FX mixers.

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Acrylate Structural Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

The acrylate structural adhesive is a bonding agent that is irritating and may cause skin sensitization.

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8M-885A Automatic Quantitative Mixing and Dispensing Machine Manual

8M-885A automatic quantitative mixing and dispensing machine is a high-pressure mixing and dispensing machine with simple operation and high efficiency.

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Hand-held chainsaw user manual

This manual describes how to use a hand-held chainsaw.

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Dell Chassis Management Controller 3.0 Version User's Guide for Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX

The Dell Chassis Management Controller 3.0 Version User's Guide provides information about how to install, set up, and manage the Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC).

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LED Moving Head Light Operating Manual

LED Moving Head Light Operating Manual, Pocket Moving Light (kaleidoscope + laser) Please read this manual carefully before using.

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