Industrial Manuals

DS18B20 digital temperature Meter Manual

DS18B20 digital thermometer is a 1-Wire device produced by DALLAS, which has the characteristics of simple circuit and small size. It can be used for temperature measurement, has a unique serial number, does not require external components, has a temperature range of -55℃ to +125℃, users can choose different resolutions, and has temperature upper and lower limit alarm settings.

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ROHM BU16014KV Manual

This document is an operation manual for the MODEL OZ-800 electronic organizer. The manual covers topics such as getting started, basic operation, email, attachment viewer, schedule and calendar, address book, to-do list, memo, notepad, and other applications. It also includes information on exchanging information with a PC and FCC regulations.

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QRD1112B Ammonia decomposition rate measured Fixed Instrument Manual

QRD1112B Ammonia Decomposition Rate Analyzer User Manual introduces the product's use conditions, main technical data, working principle, set, electrical system, installation, start-up and indication calibration, manufacturing unit guarantee and other information.

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BioTec EDR-500A products Service Manual

EDR-500A type 96-channel automatic dispenser is a fully automatic dispenser that instantly dispenses reagents from the reagent tray, deep-well plate to 96-well microplate. It can choose between drop-tip or nozzle type pipette tips and can achieve high-precision dispensing from 1ul to 300ul per hole.

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HSE MANAGEMENT STANDARDS INDICATOR TOOL USER MANUAL introduces HSE management standards indicator tool which can be used to measure the impact of work design on health outcomes.

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This document contains preliminary data current as of the publication date and is subject to change without notice. It is a preliminary draft of the TMS320C55x DSP Programmer’s Guide.

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AiphaII SERIESMultiple outputs 450W/650W Data Sheet

The document describes the features and characteristics of a series of products, including two types of 450W/650W power with a maximum peak capacity of 700W, up to 5 slots and 10 channels available, 14 types of new output modules, EMI compliant with VCCI-Class B standard, selectable terminal type, overall output on/off control, auxiliary power supply, AC fail signal, fan alarm signal, low voltage signal, and LED output indicators.

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panasonic fp-x Manual

The FP-X C38AT/C40T series is a new model of Panasonic FP-X series PLC. It adopts a 32-bit RISC processor, has 5000 I/O points, a 1ms sampling cycle and a 200ms response time, meeting various industrial control requirements.

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PIML-900/1800 HW Specification

This document defines and specifies the TECHFAITH WIRELESS PIML-900/1800 module with 32 Mb of Flash memory and 4 Mb of SRAM (32/4), which support GSM/GPRS function.

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The product is a PSS-40 open frame switcher from PHIHONG with a rated power of 40W. It supports multiple output voltages ranging from 3.3V to 48V and has a maximum output current of 10A. It has the features of small size, low cost, low power consumption and high performance.

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Sanken CCFL-Inverter

This manual introduces the application notice of CCFL-Inverter.

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The AD9981 evaluation board is part of the AD9981 evaluation kit and can be used to evaluate the AD9981 performance or as an implementation example for an end-user evaluation platform using the 100-pin interface connector.

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maestro maestro100 Eco Lite Ext USER MANUAL

This document is a confidential document of Maestro Wireless Solution Ltd., which introduces the user manual of Eco Lite Ext. The manual includes safety precautions, installation guide, working with Maestro 100, specifications, appendix, and troubleshooting.

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This document describes the features and characteristics of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, including high efficiency, wide operating temperature range, industry standard pinout, SMD products qualified for lead-free reflow solder process, etc.

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SP605 Hardware User Guide

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tyco electronics EV200 DATA SHEET

This document describes the features and characteristics of the EV200 Series contactor, including its small size, lightweight, low cost, strong sealing performance, suitability for harsh environments, and the ability to monitor the power contact position.

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The document describes the electrical characteristics and connection methods of an electronic product, as well as the absolute maximum ratings and physical data of the product. The product features backlighting and CCFL options, suitable for STN/black and white and FSTN displays, with normal/extended temperature range and bottom/top viewing. The product has a built-in controller.

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YOKOGAWA DDM Product Catalog

This document introduces the features and characteristics of DYNASERV.

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