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THE OKONITE COMPANY Okolene Line Wire Product Data

The Okolene line wire from Shanghai Laitao Electrical Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is a high-strength cable designed for use on overhead signal and power circuits installed on insulators. It features solid or stranded hard drawn bare copper or solid Copperweld conductors and Okolene (polyethylene) insulation from AREMA Signal Manual Part 10.3.21. This wire meets all requirements of AREMA Signal Manual Part 10.3.10 and has excellent electrical properties, mechanical ruggedness, and moisture, heat, and weather resistance.

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THE OKONITE COMPANY Okonite -Okoclear Low Smoke Traction Cable Product Data

This is a low smoke, zero halogen cable with excellent heat, moisture and chemical resistance. It is suitable for underground installations in tunnels and other places.

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Guangzhou ZLG PCA9698 handbook

PCA9698 is a 40-bit I2C input/output expander, which can achieve 40-bit GPIO expansion in I2C/SMBus applications

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MGM 50570 multichannel monitor installation operating instructions

MGM 50570 Multi-Ground Monitor can continuously monitor 8 ground whether qualified. Each channel can set ground resistance individually. MGM 50570 has self-test function, no need to return to the original factory for calibration.

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RC112 Wireless remote User Manual

RC112 wireless remote controller is a multi-purpose remote controller produced by Inno-Intelligent Systems (SZ) Limited. It should be used with RC101 wireless control receiver module to remotely control ApBus intelligent control system, including lighting, electrical appliances, curtains and scenes.

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Guangzhou weichuangkj WTV-SR makeuse data

WTV-SR Voice Recorder Module is a cost-effective voice recorder module that supports MP3 mode, key-by-key mode, parallel mode, key-by-key recording mode, recorder e-book, two-wire serial control mode and three-wire serial control mode. It can be widely used in home appliances, telephone recording, conference recording, monitoring equipment, advanced entertainment toys and teaching equipment.

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HLP-SV series frequency conversion Speed governor Manual

HLP-SV series inverter user manual, which introduces the product features, installation, wiring, operation and maintenance

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IR Air Motor SM4AM Operation Maintenance Information Form P7621 Edition 3 Manual

This document provides operation and maintenance information for the Air Motor SM4AM. It includes important safety warnings and instructions on how to install, operate, inspect, and maintain the product. It emphasizes the use of clean, dry air and compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Additionally, it highlights the importance of using personal protective equipment.

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TEAC ES8 Manual

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TEAC AP1132 Manual

AP1132 is a high-precision portable biosignal measurement system produced by Toshiba Corporation. It can be used to collect various physiological signals such as EEG, ECG, EMG, etc. The system adopts 32-channel high-precision A/D converters, the sampling frequency can reach 2000Hz, and supports PC/CompactFlash® storage cards, which can record 24 hours of data continuously.

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ABOV Semiconductor driver MC2101 Manual

MC2101 is a 9 segment x 7 bit LED driver with keyboard scanning designed by ABOV Semiconductor Co., Ltd. It has features such as selection of segment output lines, selection of bit output lines, operating voltage, low power consumption, 8-step dimming control commands, and is used in VCR, DVD, MWO and other fields.

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multimeter Manual

A multimeter user manual that introduces the measurement methods and precautions of multimeters.

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FESTO Parallelgreifer HGPT HGPL und Dreipunktgreifer HGDT Manual

HGPT, HGPL and HGDT are three types of parallel gripper and three point gripper. They are robust, safe and flexible. HGPT can grip parallel, HGPL is ideal for long strokes and HGDT has a high load capacity. These three grippers have a convincing concept, which saves space and can be combined with other Festo components (such as slides, handling axes and rotary drives). Selection and design can be made easily with a software tool from the digital catalogue. HGPT and HGDT have a high force and torque load capacity thanks to the embedded and paired T-slots. They also have blocking air to prevent cutting fluid and dust from entering. These three grippers have a high degree of design freedom thanks to the mounting options on different sides. Increased flexibility is provided by a grip force safety device, such as in multiple grip plates: two or more grippers can be installed more quickly when used simply. HGPT and HGDT are ideal for dynamic applications because they have a grip force safety device that can securely hold the workpiece when the pressure drops. If the gripping process requires more grip force, the spring force will support the grip force, so it is not necessary to select a larger gripper.

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ECOde LMC-150mMCA Manual

LMC-150mMCA is a product of lighting brand Philips, with a power of 210W, a color temperature of 2000K to 7000K, a life span of more than 30000 hours, an IP65 protection rating and RoHS compliance.

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Sonbest SLHT6-1 Rail Road installation digital temperature sensor Manual

The SLHT6-1 is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with a calibrated digital signal output. The product uses patented industrial COMS process micromachining technology (CMOSens®) to ensure that the product has extremely high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a capacitive polymer humidity element and a gap-type temperature element, which are seamlessly connected to a 14-bit A/D converter and a serial interface circuit on the same chip. Therefore, the product has excellent quality, ultra-fast response, strong anti-interference ability, and high cost performance. Each SHTxx sensor is calibrated in a highly accurate humidity calibration room. The calibration coefficients are stored in the OTP memory in the form of a program, and the sensor internally calls these calibration coefficients in the process of detecting signals. The two-wire serial interface and internal reference voltage make system integration easy and quick. The ultra-small size and extremely low power consumption make it the best choice for all kinds of applications, even the most demanding applications. The product is available in surface mount LCC (lead-free chip) or 4-pin single-row pin package. Special packaging can be provided according to user needs.

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DM12864J-3 series liquid crystal display module Manual

DM12864J-3 is a graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display, the working voltage is +5V±10%, and it can bring negative voltage required for driving LCD. It has a full-screen dot matrix, the dot matrix is 128(columns)×64(rows), and can display 8(/rows)×4(rows) (16×16 dot matrix) Chinese characters, and also complete the display of graphics and characters.

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TCN series counter Manual

This document is a user manual for TCN series counters, which introduces the parameters, features, and precautions of the instrument. The counter uses a high-performance microprocessor for control and has features such as accurate measurement and strong anti-interference ability.

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GT106 GT106-A high-speed Si PIN photoelectricity detector Manual

This document introduces the technical specifications of the high-speed Si PIN photodetectors GT106 and GT106-A, including the photosensitive area diameter, spectral response range, responsivity, response time, coupling loss, dark current, breakdown voltage, capacitance, operating voltage, etc. The photodetectors adopt a Si-PIN inner and outer tube composite structure and have features such as a planar positive illumination structure, fast response, low dark current, high responsivity, and high reliability. They can be used in applications such as ranging, transient processes, fast optical signal detection, and fiber optic communication.

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OMRON micro photoelectricity sensor Manual

OMRON miniature photoelectric sensors include wiring suppression

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This guide provides a variety of basic information about ETERNUSmgr for the ETERNUS6000. It should be referred to when ETERNUSmgr is used to monitor, set up and maintain ETERNUS6000 mod- els 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, and 1100 (hereafter collectively referred to as ETERNUS6000).

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