Industrial Manuals

ST STFPC320 Front panel controller/driver with standby power management real-time clock Manual

The STFPC320 is a complete front panel controller/driver with standby power management and real-time clock. All functions are programmable using the I2C bus. Low power consumption is achieved during standby operation. The STFPC320 provides the standby power management to the host.

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NEC 78K0/Kx2 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontrollers Flash Memory Self Programming PD78F0500 PD78F0501 PD78F0502 PD78F0503 PD78F0503D PD78F0511 PD78

provides the user manual of µPD78F0500-µPD78F0547 series single-chip microcomputers, including Flash memory self-programming

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TT5-P current sensor Manual

This document describes the application scope, main electrical parameters, features, and general parameters of the TT5-P current sensor. The sensor is suitable for accurate measurement of AC, DC, and pulsating currents with complete isolation, high accuracy, and zero-flux Hall effect principle.

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EOS-1000 4-CH PoE Compact Vision System with Intel Multi-Core Processor

EOS-1000 is a rugged and compact vision system that features an Intel® Multi-Core processor and four independent PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports. This system is ideal for high computing power and multi-camera imaging applications such as 3D vision robotic guidance. By selecting long-life embedded components and incorporating system monitoring components to watch CPU temperature, fan speed, and system responsiveness, the EOS-1000 provides a very robust and reliable platform for mission critical applications.

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Rigid-311 Intel Atom N270 Wide Temperature No electric fan Embedded controller Manual

Rigid-311 is an fanless embedded controller launched by Ingenext. It features wide temperature operation (-40℃~70℃), ultra-low power consumption (25W), support for independent dual displays and more.

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ACOM204-208N technology Selection Guide

This document is a technical specification for the ACOM204/8N V3.0 VOIP voice gateway released by Shenzhen Yizheng Technology Co., Ltd. The product is an important device in the IP telephone network, with functions such as voice compression and IP packaging. The product supports H323 and SIP protocols, and has FXS and FXO interfaces. It supports audio coding standards such as G.711, G.723.1, and G.729. In addition, the product also has web-based configuration capabilities and supports NAT and DDNS services.

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TC7SZU04FE is a high-performance, low-power CMOS digital integrated circuit produced by Toshiba. Its features include high output current, low static current, wide operating voltage range, etc. This device is suitable for the design of various digital circuits and can be widely used in electronic devices.

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TC74ACT151P/F is an ultra-fast 8-channel multiplexer with positive and reverse outputs produced by Toshiba Corporation. The input is TTL level and can be directly connected to the TTL level bus. The features are fast speed, low power consumption, and can match high-speed Schottky TTL.

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TC74VHC00F, TC74VHC00FT, and TC74VHC00FK are quad 2-input NAND gate products released by Toshiba. They use CMOS technology and have the characteristics of low power consumption and high-speed operation comparable to Schottky TTL. The newly adopted Q&Q buffer greatly reduces various noises generated during switching. The internal circuit is a 3-stage configuration with buffers, providing high noise margin and stable output. All input terminals adopt a newly developed input protection circuit that does not include a diode on the positive side (toward VCC from the input), allowing input voltages of 5.5V to be applied even without the power supply voltage. This input power-down protection method enables a wide range of applications, including 2 power supply interface, level conversion from 5V to 3V system, and battery backup circuits.

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TC74HCU04AP/AF/AFT is a high-speed CMOS inverter that uses CMOS technology and has features such as low power consumption and high-speed operation. It can achieve high-speed operation comparable to LSTTL with the advantages of CMOS technology. The internal circuit has a simple one-gate configuration, making it suitable for applications such as crystal oscillators. In addition, diodes are added to protect the device from electrostatic discharge for all inputs.

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TC74ACT373P/F/FT is a high-speed CMOS 8-bit latch from Toshiba. It features low power consumption and high-speed operation. The chip uses 2-layer metal, silicon-gate CMOS technology and has TTL level inputs, which can be directly connected to TTL level buses. The chip consists of 8 independent latches controlled by a common latch enable signal (LE) and an output enable signal (OE). The output can be set to high impedance state by a high level OE signal, which makes it easy to interface with the bus. In addition, all inputs are equipped with diodes to protect the device from electrostatic damage.

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DVI 110 DVI HDMI DVI Signal Regenerator User Guide

This document introduces the operating instructions of DVI 110 DVI and HDMI DVI signal regenerator.

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Extron Electronics HDMI 201 Tx/Rx User Manual

This is an HDMI 201 Tx/Rx user manual

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QuickGene-Mini80 User Manual

This document is the user manual for QuickGene-Mini80, which provides instructions and precautions for extracting DNA or RNA using the device.

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802.11g Wireless LAN PC Card AK2400-G30 Manual

AK2400-G30 802.11g PC Card wireless network adapter complies with IEEE 802.11g standard, supports up to 54Mbps of high-speed wireless network connection and is fully compatible with IEEE 802.11b devices. When using this product to connect to 802.11b devices, the connection speed is 11Mbps. In terms of wireless LAN security, this device supports 64/128-bit WEP data encryption, which can protect your wireless network from malicious intrusion. Another feature of the device is its low power consumption, and it also provides different levels of power-saving modes for users to customize different power supply methods on portable devices. The device has an extremely high performance-price ratio, integrates multiple functions, and is the best solution for building a wireless network.

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F5 Acopia ARX series Manual

The F5 Acopia ARX series is an intelligent file virtualization device with high performance and availability. It provides various services including global namespace, migration, tiering, replication, and load balancing on a single platform. It offers industry-leading performance and scalability, exceptional availability, real-time policy execution, telecom-grade management performance and support functions, and the freedom to use the chosen storage technology.

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ETA102 date collect module Manual

ETA102 is a AD conversion module for Emlinix industrial control board. ETA102 has 10 AD input channels and 2 DA output channels. Through the simplified ISA bus, it is connected with Emlinix industrial control board. Users can use the interface functions provided by Emlinix company to operate ETA102 to collect data. It is very convenient to use.

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APC ACF126 ACF127 Manual

This manual describes how to install the Air Duct Kit for Rack Air Flow Unit.

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Fluke 289 digital multimeter Manual

This application note explains how to use the Fluke 289 digital multimeter (DMM) to record AC voltage trends to determine power voltage/stability in switching circuits. It also shows how to export the data to applications such as Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc for further image or numerical analysis.

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