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DENSITRON P0430WQLB-T Tentative Product Specification

This document is about the product specification of the OLED module supplied by CMEL. The product features active matrix driving mode, full-color display (16M color), HX5116 driver IC, and 8-bit serial RGB and 24-bit parallel RGB interfaces. It is suitable for applications such as portable DVD, PMP, GPS, and photo frame.

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The PJ32 easy refrigeration controller from Tempatron Ltd is specifically designed for the management of refrigerated units, display cases, and chilled showcases. It is available in versions with 1, 2, and 3 relay outputs, and comes with preset configurations for different applications.

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National Semiconductor DP83865 Gig PHYTER V 10/100/1000 Ethernet Physical Layer handbook

The DP83865 is a fully featured Physical Layer transceiver with integrated PMD sublayers to support 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T Ethernet protocols. The DP83865 is an ultra low power version of the DP83861 and DP83891. It uses advanced 0.18 um, 1.8 V CMOS technology, fabricated at National Semiconductor’s South Portland, Maine facility. The DP83865 is designed for easy implementation of 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet LANs. It interfaces directly to Twisted Pair media via an external transformer. This device interfaces directly to the MAC layer through the IEEE 802.3u Standard Media Independent Interface (MII), the IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII), or Reduced GMII (RGMII). The DP83865 is a fourth generation Gigabit PHY with field proven architecture and performance. Its robust performance ensures drop-in replacement of existing 10/100 Mbps equipment with ten to one hundred times the performance using the existing networking infrastructure.

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The STP16C596 is a 16-bit programmable shift register from STMicroelectronics. It has 16 programmable output channels, adjustable output current through an external resistor, serial data in/parallel data out, serial output change state on the falling edges of clock, output current of 15-120 mA, 25 MHz clock frequency, and is available in high thermal TSSOP exposed pad. It is suitable for LED panel displays and other applications.

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EPCOS CeraDiode CDS3 Series SMD type case size 0603 B72500D***

CeraDiode CDS3 Series is an SMD type ESD protection component suitable for single lines. It has superior parametric stability and bidirectional ESD protection, safely routing both positive and negative ESD events to the ground. The product is designed for highly sensitive electronic devices and effectively suppresses fast voltage transients.

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The TLK100 is a single-port Ethernet PHY for 10BaseT and 100Base TX signaling. It integrates all the physical-layer functions needed to transmit and receive data on standard twisted-pair cables. This device supports the standard Media Independent Interface (MII).

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FLUKE Fluke 561 Multipurpose Thermometer Manual

The Fluke 561 Multipurpose Thermometer is a portable infrared and contact thermometer for various heating, ventilation and air conditioning monitoring tasks. It provides both non-contact infrared (IR) and contact temperature measurements, replacing the need for multiple test tools. Use the IR thermometer to measure hot, moving, electrically energized surfaces.

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CYPRESS CY7C68300B/CY7C68301B CY7C68320/CY7C68321 datasheet

This document describes the features and characteristics of EZ-USB AT2LP™ USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI Bridge CY7C68300B/CY7C68301B CY7C68320/CY7C68321.

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NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR - LMH2180 75 MHz Dual Clock Buffer handbook

LMH2180 is a high speed dual clock buffer designed for portable communications and applications requiring multiple accurate multi-clock systems. It integrates two 75 MHz low noise buffers with independent shutdown pins into a small package.

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LINEAR LTC3252 handbook

The LTC3252 is a DC/DC converter from Linear Technology that uses switched capacitor fractional conversion to achieve a typical efficiency increase of 50% over that of a linear regulator. The part has no inductors and uses a unique constant frequency, spread spectrum architecture to provide a very low noise regulated output as well as low noise at the input. The part also has Burst Mode ® operation to provide high efficiency at low output currents, as well as ultralow current shutdown. Low operating currents (60µA with both outputs enabled, 35µA with one output enabled) and low external parts count make the LTC3252 ideally suited for space-con- strained battery-powered applications. The part is short- circuit and overtemperature protected and is available in a tiny 4mm × 3mm 12-pin DFN package.

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VISHAY TLBR5410 Blinking LED in ∅ 5 mm Plastic Package handbook

This product is a red, blinking LED with vibration resistance, low power consumption and wide viewing angle.

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The UDN2981A is an 8-channel source driver that is useful for interfacing between low-level logic and high-current loads. This device is recommended for high-side switching applications that benefit from separate logic and load grounds, with load supply voltages to 50 V and output currents to -500 mA.

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VISHAY LPT-4545-xxxLA LB LC Inductors/Transformers Customizable Surface Mount Torodial Kool-Mu Powdered Iron MPP Cores

This document introduces the LPT-4545 series surface mount toroidal inductors/transformers from Vishay Dale. The product is designed for DC to DC converter applications with minimal EMI radiation. It supports the growing need for efficient DC to DC converters in battery operated equipment and offers versatility with two separate windings that can be connected in series or parallel. The product is supplied on tape and reel and is pick and place compatible. Custom versions and turns ratios are available upon request. The document also provides the standard electrical specifications for different models in the LPT-4545 series.

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UNITRODE UC1853 UC2853 UC3853 High Power Factor Preregulator

This product is a high power factor preregulator with 8-pin package, RMS line voltage compensation, precision multiplier/squarer/divider, internal 75kHz synchronizable oscillator, overvoltage protection comparator etc.

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Alliance Semiconductor AS7C33128FT18B 3.3V 128K × 18 Flow Through Synchronous SRAM

AS7C33128FT18B is a 3.3V 128K × 18 Flow Through Synchronous SRAM produced by Alliance Semiconductor. It has the following features: 131,072 words × 18 bits, Fast clock to data access: 6.5/7.5/8.0/10.0 ns, Fast OE access time: 3.5/4.0 ns, Fully synchronous flow through operation, Asynchronous output enable control, Economical 100-pin TQFP package, Individual byte write and Global write, Multiple chip enables for easy expansion, 3.3V core power supply, 2.5V or 3.3V I/O operation with separate VDDQ, Linear or interleaved burst control, Snooze mode for reduced power standby, Common data inputs and data outputs.

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PHILIPS SA605 High performance low power mixer FM IF system handbook

The SA605 is a high performance low power mixer FM IF system with features including mixer/oscillator, limiting intermediate frequency amplifiers, quadrature detector, muting, logarithmic received signal strength indicator (RSSI), and voltage regulator.

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INTERSIL -EL5225 10-Channel TFT-LCD Reference Voltage Generator handbook

The EL5225 is a 10-channel TFT-LCD reference voltage generator from Intersil that can operate over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range. The device has 10 outputs with a resolution of 10 bits and is programmed using a 3-wire SPI compatible interface. The EL5225 can be stacked to meet applications requiring more than 10 outputs. The reference inputs can be tied to the rails, enabling each part to output the full voltage range, or alternatively, they can be connected to external resistors to split the output range and enable finer resolutions of the outputs.

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Agilent HSMS-285x Series Surface Mount Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diodes Data Sheet

Agilent HSMS-285x series zero bias Schottky detector diodes are designed and optimized for use in small signal (Pin <-20 dBm) applications at frequencies below 1.5 GHz. They are ideal for RF/ID and RF Tag applications where primary (DC bias) power is not available.

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