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TDK CHS-ESS Humidity Sensor Units datasheet

This document introduces the features and characteristics of TDK CHS-ESS series humidity sensors.

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TDK EFS Surface Potential Sensors datasheet

This document describes the features and characteristics of the EFS series Surface Potential Sensors. This voltage sensor is a feedback type sensor that supports improved image quality in next-generation color printers. It is constructed using TDK's unique, high-precision, and highly stable detection circuit, which feeds the measured photosensitive drum surface potential back to the electrical field density control chopper and probe shield cover. The output of this sensor is highly precise and stable, and is almost unaffected by temperature fluctuations or probe spacing. It greatly reduces the adverse effects of electrical disturbances between the photosensitive drum and the sensor electrode.

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TDK GTS Gear Tooth Sensors datasheet

This product is a gear tooth sensor, which is used to measure the rotation angle of the camshaft. It features high precision, high temperature resistance, wide probe distance, built-in surge voltage suppression circuit and excellent resistance to vibration, noise, moisture and other environmental factors.

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TDK TS Toner Density Quantity Sensors datasheet

This document describes the features and characteristics of TDK programmable toner sensors, which are used in plain paper copiers and laser printers to maintain the correct mix ratio between toner and carrier.

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TDK iQM48033A050V DC Power Modules Data Sheet

This data sheet introduces TDK Innoveta's Supereta™ iQM series of DC/DC power modules. This series of products has high output power, high efficiency and superior thermal performance, making it ideal for applications with tight space and high power consumption in demanding thermal environments.

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TDK iQM48040A025V DC Power Modules Data Sheet

The SuperetaTM iQM Series is a 48V input, 2.5V/40A output quarter brick DC/DC power module. It offers an industry standard quarter brick high current power module with true useable output power. The module features 89.5% typical efficiency at full load (no heat sink) and superior thermal performance, making it ideal for tight space and power-hungry applications in demanding thermal environments. It is designed to serve as the core of a high reliability system. The module also includes standard features such as a wide output voltage trim range (-20 to +10%), remote sensing, and positive remote on/off logic.

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The Maxeta™ iFA series is a full brick power module with an input voltage of 24V, an output voltage of 28V, an output current of 15A, and an efficiency of 89.5%. The module is ideally suited for CDMA wireless applications to power RF amplifiers.

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TDK iFA24021A280V iFA24018A280V DC Power Modules Brief

Maxeta™ iFA Series Full Brick DC/DC Power Modules, 24V Input, 28V Output, 504W and 602W Full Bricks

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TDK iQE Series power module MANUAL

The iQE Series offers an industry standard quarter brick power module with true useable power and an ultra-wide operating input voltage range. Thanks to its low component count and single-board open-frame design approach, it provides both better electrical and thermal performance, and lower cost than many other suppliers’ quarter brick product offerings with a narrower input voltage range.

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EPCOS B43750 B43770 Capacitors with screw terminals datasheet

This PDF document is about B43750, B43770 aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It introduces the features of the product, such as extremely high ripple current capability, high reliability, long life, wide temperature range, self-extinguishing electrolyte etc.

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STB11NM80-STF11NM80-STP11NM80-STW11NM80 N-channel 800V-0.35Ω-11A-TO-220/FP-D2PAK-TO-247 MDmesh™ Power MOSFET is a low input capacitance and gate charge, low gate input resistance, industry best RDS(on) * Qg product, mainly used in switching applications.

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ON Semiconductor MMSZ4678T1 Zener Voltage Regulators datasheet

The MMSZ4678T1 series are 500 mW, SOD-123 surface mount Zener voltage regulators. These devices provide a convenient alternative to the leadless 34-package style.

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ON Semiconductor MM5Z2V4T1 Zener Voltage Regulators datasheet

The MM5Z2V4T1 is a Zener voltage regulator released by SCS. Its features are small size, low power and can be used in applications such as cellular phones, hand held portables and high density PC boards.

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Philips BZX585 Voltage regulator diodes DATA SHEET

BZX585 series is a low-power voltage regulator diodes encapsulated in an ultra small SOD523 plastic SMD package. The diodes are available in the normalized E24 ± 2 % (BZX585-B) and ± 5 % (BZX585-C) tolerance range. The series consists of 37 types with nominal working voltages from 2.4 V to 75 V.

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VISHAY1N5221B to 1N5267B Small Signal Zener Diodes MANUAL 1

1N5221B to 1N5267B are Vishay Semiconductors' silicon planar power Zener diodes with a nominal Zener voltage of 1.2 to 6.8 V. These diodes have a standard Zener voltage tolerance of ± 5% and are available in Mini-MELF, SOT-23 and SOD-123 packages.

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VISHAY 1N5221B 1N5267B Small Signal Zener Diodes datasheet

This datasheet provides the characteristics of the 1N5221B to 1N5267B small signal zener diodes. These diodes have a standard ±5% zener voltage tolerance and are available in a DO35 glass case.

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Vishay 1N4728A 1N4764A zener diodes datasheet

1N4728A to 1N4764A are silicon planar power Zener diodes manufactured by Vishay Semiconductors. They are used in stabilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating.

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WINKOO CS1680 LCD driver circuit intro

CS1680 is a dot matrix LCD driver circuit with 80 drive channels, which can be used as a segment driver.

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