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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS65910-TPS659101 Power Management

The TPS65910 is an integrated power management unit with multiple DC-DC converters and LDO voltage regulators, designed for applications such as portable and handheld systems. It provides various resources, including power management for processor cores, I/O applications, and dynamic voltage management for processor cores.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS659121-Features Power Management

The TPS659121 is a PMU chip from TI that is designed for processor power. It has four configurable step-down converters that can provide up to 2.5A of output current for memory, processor core, I/O or pre-regulation of LDOs. It also includes 10 LDO regulators for external use.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS659122-Features Power Management

tps659122 is a low power multifunction power management chip that integrates 4 configurable step-down converters and 10 low voltage regulators, providing power supply solutions for a variety of applications.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS65930-20 Power Management

The TPS65930/TPS65920 is an integrated power management audio codec released by Texas Instruments. Its features are as follows:

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS65950 Power Management

This document introduces the TPS65950 integrated power management/audio codec silicon, introduces its features, pin descriptions, electrical characteristics, power modules, etc.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TPS65951 Power Management

This document describes the features and characteristics of the TPS65951 Integrated Power Management/Audio Codec Silicon Revision 1.0 Version F.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TLV5618AM-5962 Data Converters

The TLV5618AM is a dual 12-bit voltage output DAC with a flexible 3-wire serial interface that is compatible with SMJ320 DSPs, SPITM, QSPITM, and MicrowireTM serial ports. It is programmed with a 16-bit serial string containing 4 control and 12 data bits.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TLC5618AM-5962-9955702QxA-Dual-12-Bit-DAC-With-Power-Down Data Converters

TLC5618AM/5962-9955702QxA is a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with two channels, voltage output, programmable digital control, and can simultaneously update DAC A and DAC B. It is single-supply and has a 3-wire serial interface.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-TLV1548MJB-FKB-5962-853801QRA-2A Data Converters

Low-Voltage 10-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converter with Serial Control and 8 Analog Inputs

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-THS1206M-5962-9957701NXD Data Converters

The THS1206M is a CMOS, low-power, 12-bit, 6 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that is suitable for applications in radar, imaging, high-speed acquisition and communications.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-ADS8361EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

This manual describes the ADS8361EVM module and its usage.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-ADS7805EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

This manual introduces the features and use of ADS7805EVM.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-DAC7571EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

The document provides detailed information about the DAC7571EVM product, including its user guide and datasheet, as well as TI's warranty policy for its products and services. The DAC7571EVM is a digital-to-analog converter evaluation module that offers high performance and reliability.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-ADS8364EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

This document provides the user guide and data sheet for the ADS8364M-EVM product, offering detailed technical information and specifications.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-ADS8365EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

This manual introduces the features of the ADS8365M-EVM module, including functions, hardware, software, interfaces, usage methods, etc.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-DAC8564-65EVM-Readme-Page-Thank-You-Letter Data Converters

DAC8164/65EVM User’s Guide

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This document describes the quick start procedure for the ADS6149EVM, including default configuration, clock and power supply settings, etc. The ADS6149EVM is a device used for evaluating ADCs and provides various options for clock, input frequency, and power supply.

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-LMP91200-Sensor-AFE-Evaluation-Board Data Converters

This document introduces the use of LMP91200 evalboard, including connecting PH probe, RTD and configuring LMP91200

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-LMP91200-Sensor-AFE-Evaluation-Board(1) Data Converters

LMP91200 Evaluation Board User Guide provides instructions on how to use the LMP91200 evalboard, including how to configure the LMP91200 through a 3-wire SPI interface and how to connect RTD (Pt100, Pt1000).

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS UC1827-1 UC1827-2 UC2827-1 UC2827-2 UC3827-1 UC3827-2 handbook

uc3827 is a push-pull pwm controller for cascaded buck and push-pull converters from ti. it can operate up to 500 khz and support up to 500v output voltage and 5a output current

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