Drive Manuals (Health)

drive steel transport chair Manual

Drive brand product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser.

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drive sentra heavy duty wheelchair Manual(1)

CAUTION: Stability - Wheelchair is designed to be safe and stable as long as center of gravity is maintained while going about normal activities. Care must be taken while performing activities that shift your center of gravity in the chair. Never reach so far that require you to shift in the seat or bend over out of the chair. When you have to reach for objects that require you to lean, be certain front casters are pointing in a forward position that extends the wheel base and will stabilize the chair. Ramps - Be sure of your own capabilities, limitations and strength before attempting to go up a ramp. Correct techniques on ramp negotiation should be shown to you by a qualified professional. Assistance is recommended when going up or down inclines greater than 10o. If you must stop on an incline, avoid sudden, abrupt movement when you resume movement. Because of backward angle of the chair, sudden abrupt movement could cause instability. Attempting to use the wheel lock brakes could result in accidental locking, tipping to one side, or cause a sudden stop. Avoid changing direction when going down an incline, as this could result in instability of tipping over. sentra heavy duty wheelchair Your Drive brand product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser. This device was built to exacting standards and carefully inspected prior to shipment. This Lifetime Limited Warranty is an expre

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drive sentra heavy duty wheelchair Manual

This is a manual for a heavy duty wheelchair

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drive sentra full reclining wheelchair Manual

This file is about the safety precautions of drive brand's sentra full reclining wheelchair

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drive Item STD26DDA Shown For use with all Sentra Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchairs WEIgHT CApACITY: 700 LBS

This document is an instruction on the safety and stability of using a wheelchair. Users are reminded to maintain their center of gravity while performing activities and to avoid leaning or bending over too far. When using ramps, users should be aware of their own capabilities and limitations and seek professional assistance if necessary. Sudden stops or changes in direction should be avoided when using the wheel lock brakes. In addition, the document provides information on the lifetime limited warranty of Drive brand products.

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The Drive patient lift is a device used to transfer an individual from one resting surface to another. Moving a person suspended in a sling over any distance is not recommended. Do not attempt any transfer without approval from the patient's physician, nurse, or medical attendant. Use Drive slings and patient lift accessories to maintain patient safety and product utility.

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drive 13222M Shown full body patient sling

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drive electric patient lift

The document introduces a product called Bariatric Electric Patient Lift, which is designed to transfer patients from one resting position to another. It is not a transport device and requires the use of a sling recommended by the physician. During transfer, with the patient suspended in the sling to the lift, do not roll the caster base over objects such as raised carpet bindings, door frames, or any uneven surfaces that would create an imbalance of the lift. Always use the steering handles to maneuver the lift.

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This document describes a fully electric bariatric bed that has adjustable features, allowing for height and position adjustments as needed.

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drive 14029/14030 Manual

This document is an operation manual for products with model numbers 14029 and 14030. It provides safety precautions to be followed while using the product, as well as describes the features and characteristics of the product.

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drive 11138-1 extra large heavy duty drop arm commode

This commode is manufactured by Drive brand with the model number 11138-1. It features a large size, heavy duty, and drop arm.

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drive bariatric extra large drop arm commode Manual

This document is the user manual for bariatric extra large drop arm commode product of Drive brand. It includes the warranty terms and assembly instructions.

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drive oversized drop arm commode Manual

This document is an instruction manual for Oversized Drop Arm Commode. It includes information on how to use the product, warranty terms, etc.

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drive folding commode silla con orinal plegable fauteuil garde-robe pliable Manual

This file is the instruction manual for the folding commode. It includes the assembly method, usage method and precautions.

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drive deluxe steel drop arm commode Manual

This is a Drive brand deluxe steel drop arm commode with anti-slip handles and a removable seat, the removable seat makes it easy to clean.

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drive bariatric folding steel commode Manual

This document is the assembly instructions and precautions of Drive brand folding steel commode

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drive aluminum shower chair commode Manual

This document is the instruction manual for aluminum shower chair / commode

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drive locking elevated toilet seat Manual

This document describes a toilet seat with an elevation function. The width of the armrests can be adjusted according to the user's needs, and detailed instructions for installation and use are provided.

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drive super heavy duty bath bench Manual

This document describes the Drive brand super heavy duty bath bench with a lifetime limited warranty. The bath bench is built to high standards and carefully inspected. Defects covered by the warranty will be repaired or replaced by Drive. The document also includes cautionary instructions for use and product care.

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