Appliances Manuals

SACON JMA-DMA-series Water heater

The document describes the features and characteristics of a product.

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Haier HT-3718 Manual

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YS1200 FM(T) water heater Manual

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Haier household water heater FCD-HM50D I (E) FCD-HM60D I (E) FCD-HM80D I (E) FCD-HM100D I (E)Manual

The document introduces the FCD-HM50D (E), FCD-HM60D (E), FCD-HM80D, and FCD-HM100D(E) models. These products are hot and cold air conditioners under the brand Haier, suitable for 220V/50Hz power supply. They have power ratings of 800/1200/2000W, which are suitable for different air conditioning needs. The document also mentions parameters such as product weight, dimensions, and operating pressure.

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Haier household water heater FCD-HM50D I (E) FCD-HM60A I (E) FCD-HM80A I (E) FCD-HM100A I (E)Manual

FCD-HM60A E, FCD-HM80A E, FCD-HM100A E are air source heat pump water heaters produced by Haier, with rated power of 60kW, 80kW, and 100kW respectively.

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Haier FCD-HX40EI(E) FCD-HX50EI(E) FCD-HX60EI(E) FCD-HX80EI(E) water heater Manual

This document is the quality certificate for Haier brand FCD-HX40E (E), FCD-HX50E (E), FCD-HX60E (E), FCD-HX80E (E) heat pump water heaters

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Haier 3D-HM40DI(E) 3D-HM50DI(E) 3D-HM60DI(E) 3D-HM80DI(E) 3D-HM100DI(E) 3D-HM40DI(HD) 3D-HM50DI(HD) 3D-HM60DI(HD) 3D-HM80DI(HD) 3D-HM100DI(HD) water heater Manual

This document introduces the usage instructions of a certain brand of XX model water purifier

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Haier ES40H-HC(ME) ES50H-HC(ME) ES60H-HC(ME) ES80H-HC(ME) ES100H-HC(ME) water heater Manual

Haier ES60H-HC(ME) is a large-capacity electric water heater with a capacity of 100L and a power of 4KW. The external dimensions are 370mm*200mm*305mm, which can meet the hot water needs of 4-5 people.

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Haier ES40H-MG(ME) ES50H-MG(ME) ES60H-MG(ME) ES80H-MG(ME) water heater Manual

Haier ES series gas water heater manual, which mainly introduces the product's functions, usage methods and maintenance methods

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Haier ES50H-Z3(ME) ES60H-Z3(ME) ES80H-Z3(ME) ES100H-Z3(ME)Manual

This certificate is about the quality certificate of ES50H-Z3(ME), ES60H-Z3(ME), ES80H-Z3(ME), ES100H-Z3(ME)

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Haier household water heater ES40H-D2(ME) Manual

This document introduces a winning product that meets the requirements of the rural household appliances subsidy policy. Consumers who purchase this product can enjoy a 13% subsidy within the subsidy limit. The after-sales service of the product is provided by the manufacturer and sales company in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Buyers can apply for the subsidy by presenting relevant documents at the sales outlet, financial institution, or the local township finance department.

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Haier household water heater FCD-JTHQB40-II (HM)Manual

The document describes the features and characteristics of a product.

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Haier household water heater FCD-HX40A (E) FCD-HX50A I (E) FCD-HX60A I (E) FCD-HX80A I (E) FCD-HX100A I (E)Manual

This is a table of parameters for an electric water heater, including the model, power, weight, etc.

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Haier household water heater ES40H-B1(ME) ES50H-B1(ME) ES60H-B1(ME) ES80H-B1(ME) ES100H-B1(ME) Manual

The document provides the certificate of quality for models ES40H-B1(ME), ES50H-B1(ME), ES60H-B1(ME), ES80H-B1(ME), ES100H-B1(ME). The products have a voltage requirement of 220V 50Hz and comply with relevant quality standards.

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Haier solar water heater QBJ1-175BDT Manual

Solar water heater installation manual, mainly introduces the installation location selection of water heater, bracket installation, water tank installation, vacuum tube installation, and provides product features, technical parameters, packing list and other information.

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Haier Q-B-J-1-150/2.07/0.05-M/S Q-B-J-1-175/2.48/0.05-M/S water heater Manual

This document describes the features and characteristics of Haier brand products.

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This data table is a refrigerator manual, including product model, power, appearance size, weight and other information

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