VISHAY Manuals (Industrial)

VISHAY1N5221B to 1N5267B Small Signal Zener Diodes MANUAL 1

1N5221B to 1N5267B are Vishay Semiconductors' silicon planar power Zener diodes with a nominal Zener voltage of 1.2 to 6.8 V. These diodes have a standard Zener voltage tolerance of ± 5% and are available in Mini-MELF, SOT-23 and SOD-123 packages.

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VISHAY 1N5221B 1N5267B Small Signal Zener Diodes datasheet

This datasheet provides the characteristics of the 1N5221B to 1N5267B small signal zener diodes. These diodes have a standard ±5% zener voltage tolerance and are available in a DO35 glass case.

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Vishay 1N4728A 1N4764A zener diodes datasheet

1N4728A to 1N4764A are silicon planar power Zener diodes manufactured by Vishay Semiconductors. They are used in stabilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating.

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VISHAY VN0610L VN10KLS VN2222L handbook

This document describes three types of N-channel 60V (D-S) MOSFETs with Zener gate. The products feature low on-resistance, ultralow threshold, low input capacitance, low input and output leakage, extra ESD protection, low offset voltage, low-voltage operation, high speed, easily driven, low error voltage, etc. The products are suitable for driving relays, solenoids, lamps, hammers, displays, memories, transistors, etc., as well as battery operated systems, solid-state relays, inductive load drivers, etc.

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VISHAY AN817 handbook

This document introduces Vishay Siliconix's discrete approach to battery charging for cellular phones. The approach utilizes a unique combination of discrete components to meet the needs of small size, high performance, high reliability, and low cost.

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VISHAY AN805 handbook

Vishay’s new family of PWM optimized MOSFETs have been designed to give the highest efficiency available for a given on-resistance in switching applications such as dc-to-dc conversion. These new devices provide a very low gate charge per unit of on-resistance, in addition to fast switching times. The result is reduced gate drive and crossover losses, allowing designers of dc-to-dc converters to simultaneously reduce the design footprint and increase efficiency

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VISHAY AN804 handbook

AN804 introduces Vishay Siliconix's p-channel MOSFETs for high-side switching applications.

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VISHAY TS63 Vishay Sfernice Multi-Turn Surface Mount Miniature 1/4 Square Cermet Trimmers Fully Sealed handbook

TS63 is a 0.25 watt, 85°C, industrial grade multi-turn surface mount miniature 1/4 inch square cermet trimmer produced by Vishay Sfernice. The switch features low contact resistance variation, tight tolerances, low end contact resistance and full sealing.

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VISHAY TS63 handbook

The TS63 is a multi-turn surface mount miniature 1/4” square cermet trimmers, fully sealed from Vishay Sfernice. It features 0.25 watt at 85°C, GAM T1 grade, industrial grade, multi-turn operation, a low contact resistance variation, tight tolerances, low end contact resistance and full sealing.

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VISHAY LCD-320G240C handbook

The 320G240C is a liquid crystal display produced by Vishay. This product has built-in SED1335 controller and SRAM, built-in negative voltage generator, 1/240 duty cycle, touch screen option (analog type) and temperature compensation option.

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VISHAY LCD-640X480A handbook

LCD-640X480A is a 640 x 480 dots FSTN graphic LCD from Vishay, with 8-bits data bus, +5V power supply, 1/240 duty cycle, FSTN negative type

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VISHAY LCD-160X160A handbook

LCD-160X160A is a 160x160 pixel FSTN display from Vishay. It has a 4-bit data bus, a +5V power supply, and a 1/160 duty cycle.

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VISHAY LCD-160G160B handbook

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VISHAY LCD-160G160A handbook

This document describes the features and characteristics of Vishay's LCD-160G160A model, such as no built-in controller, +5V power supply, 160 x 160 dots graphic LCD, etc.

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VISHAY LCD-160G128C handbook

This document provides information about the absolute maximum ratings, mechanical data, and electrical specifications of the Vishay LCD-160G128C product.

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VISHAY LCD-016M001L handbook

LCD-016M001L is a 16x1 dot matrix LCD display produced by Vishay. It uses KS0066 or equivalent controller and can be powered by +5V or +3V.

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VISHAY LCD-016M001B handbook

LCD-016M001B is a 16x1 LCD module produced by Vishay. It has 5x8 dot cursor, built-in controller, power supply voltage of +5V, duty cycle of 1/16, and B/L can be driven by pin 1, 2, 15, 16 or A.K (LED).

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VISHAY LCD-008M002A handbook

LCD-008M002A is a 5x8 dots LCD display with built-in controller (KS 0066 or equivalent), +5V power supply and 1/16 duty cycle.

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VISHAY 1N4001G/L 1N4007G/L handbook

The 1N4001G/L is a 1.0A glass passivated rectifier with the following features: glass passivated die construction, diffused junction, high current capability and low forward voltage drop, surge overload rating to 30A peak, plastic material - UL recognized flammability classification 94V-0 14 451 DO-41 A-405.

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VISHAY 1N4001/L - 1N4007/L handbook

This document describes the features and characteristics of the 1N4001/L-1N4007/L series 1.0A rectifiers, including peak repetitive reverse voltage, working peak reverse voltage, average rectified output current, forward voltage, and peak reverse current.

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