HANNA Manuals (Industrial)

HANNA Series EC TDS Testers with Automatic Temperature Compensation Instruction Manual

This document is an instruction manual for the Primo series EC and TDS testers with automatic temperature compensation. It provides information about the warranty, including coverage and repair process. Users are advised to read the manual before using the meter and contact technical support for additional information if needed.

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HANNA pH211R Manual

This manual provides detailed information on the characterization and use of the pH211R microprocessor-based bench pH/mV/°C meter, including instrument overview, functional description, specifications, operational guide, pH calibration, electrode conditioning and maintenance, temperature-resistance correlation for pH sensitive glass, troubleshooting guide, accessories and technical specifications.

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HANNA pH 210 pH 211 pH 212 pH 213 Microprocessor-based pH/mV/°C Bench Meters Manual

This is the instruction manual for pH 210, pH 211, pH 212 and pH 213

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HANNA pH 209V Complete Laboratory Kit for pH ORP Measurements in Wine Must Grape Juice Manual

This document is the instruction manual for pH 209V Laboratory Measurement Kit, which can be used to measure pH and ORP values of wine, must and grape juice.

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HANNA pH 209 pH 209R Bench Top pH Meters Manual

The pH 209 bench-top pH meter is designed for simplicity of use. It features a large easy-to-read liquid crystal display (LCD) and user friendly keyboard. The pH calibration is made simple through the easy-to-operate front panel knobs for offset and slope adjustment. A front knob is provided for easy manual temperature compensation of the pH reading. pH 209 can also measure ion concentration (ISE) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) in the mV range. The range selection (pH, mV or °C for temperature compensation) is made simple through the front membrane keyboard. The large LCD is provided with arrows that quickly and clearly indicate the selected range. It is also available the model pH209R with recorder output feature.

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HANNA PCA 310 PCA 320 PCA 330 Chlorine pH Temperature ORP Analyzers Instruction Manual

This instruction manual introduces the features of the PCA 310, PCA 320, PCA 330 chlorine, pH, temperature and ORP analyzers.

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HANNA PCA 300/PCA 301 Series Instruction Manual

This manual introduces the PCA 300/PCA 301 series of chlorine analyzers, including preliminary examination, general description, mechanical dimensions, functional description, LED display, indicators and keyboard, specifications, operating instructions, initial preparation and installation, installation personnel, instrument location, hydraulic connections, installation of input filter, installation of pump tubes, electrical connections.

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HANNA pH 502 mV 602 Series Instruction Manual

pH 502 & mV 602 Series Panel-mounted, Microprocessor-based pH and ORP Controllers Instruction Manual

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HANNA pH 500 mV 600 Series Instruction Manual

pH 500 & mV 600 Series Panel-mounted, Microprocessor-based pH and ORP Controllers Instruction Manual

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HANNA LP2000-11 Precision Bench Turbidity Meter with PC Communication Instruction Manual

LP2000-11 is a portable turbidity meter from Hanna Instruments. It is a microprocessor-based instrument that is used to determine the turbidity of water and wastewater. The meter has a 0-1000 FTU range in two scales and an autoranging feature that automatically sets the appropriate range for the measurement.

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HANNA LP 2000 Precision Bench Turbidity Meter Instruction Manual

LP 2000 Precision Bench Turbidity Meter is a bench microprocessor-based meter used to determine the turbidity of water and wastewater.

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HANNA HI 96801 Refractometer for Sucrose Measurements Instruction Manual

This document is the instruction manual for the HI 96801 refractometer, which provides information on the specifications, principle of operation, functional description, display elements, warnings, error messages, calibration procedure, measurement procedure, battery replacement, and warranty information of the product.

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HANNA HI 9126 Calibration Check Waterproof pH/mV/ºC Meter Instruction Manual

HI 9126 is a waterproof, heavy-duty pH/mV/ºC meter designed to provide laboratory-level results and accuracy under harsh industrial conditions. It features a large multil-level LCD display with clear indications related to the electrode and instrument status, pH and temperature displayed simultaneously, and user-friendly graphic symbols during calibration. The meter is equipped with a series of new diagnostic features that allow the user to improve the reliability of the measurement.

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HANNA HI 8424 Portable pH/mV/°C Meter Instruction Manual

This document is the instruction manual for the HI 8424 portable pH/mV/°C meter, which provides information on the correct use of the instrument and its versatile features.

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HANNA HI 4015/4115 Manual

The HI 4015 and HI 4115 are high resolution ion selective electrodes designed for the measurement of Silver/ Sulfide ions in aqueous solutions. The HI 4015 is a solid state half-cell sensor that requires a separate reference. The HI 4115 is a combination ion selective electrode.

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HANNA HI 99551/99556 Manual

HI 99551 and HI 99556 are infrared thermometers for the food industry with a two-year warranty. These instruments are intended for their intended purpose and should be maintained according to the instructions. Probes are guaranteed for six months. The warranty covers repair or replacement free of charge. Damages caused by accidents, misuse, tampering, or lack of prescribed maintenance are not covered. If service is required, contact the dealer where the instrument was purchased. If the instrument is under warranty, provide the model number, date of purchase, serial number, and nature of the failure. If the repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be informed of the incurred charges. If the instrument needs to be returned to Hanna Instruments, obtain a Returned Goods Authorization Number from the Customer Service department and send it with prepaid shipment costs. Ensure proper packaging for complete protection when shipping any instrument. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner.

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HANNA HI 99550 Manual

HI 99550 is used for non-contact measurement of the temperature of non-metal objects. Suitable for the non-contact measurement of temperature of food, chemicals, plastics, paper, wood, glass, rubber, metal coated materials, etc.

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HANNA HI 993310 Manual

The HI 993310 is a portable water conductivity and soil activity meter that allows for quick and simple measurements of soil activity, conductivity of irrigation water, nutritive solutions, and saturated soil-paste. The meter comes with two probes: HI 76305 with a stainless steel conic tip for direct soil measurements, and HI 76304 for fertilizer enriched solutions. The meter has two LED indicators for displaying the tested parameter and an alarm LED that lights up if the soil is too dry or lacking nutrients. Calibration for conductivity measurements can be done using a knob on the front of the meter, and the soil activity measurements are calibrated through conductivity calibration. Temperature affects conductivity measurements, while soil activity depends on soil texture and hydric property; both probes include a temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.

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HANNA HI 993301/993302 Manual

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