EXTECH Manuals (Industrial)

EXTECH MODEL 401014 Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Termómetro de Grandes Dígitos para Interiores Exteriores Thermomètre Intérieur/Extérieur à Gros Ch

This is a manual for Steadicam Merlin, which introduces how to use Steadicam Merlin for shooting

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EXTECH Waterproof Thermometer Model 39240 Manual

This document introduces the sealed sub-miniature pushbutton switches 800A series from e-switch. The product features a single pole single throw (SPST) configuration and an epoxy seal base. The switch has a compact size and high reliability, making it suitable for various applications.

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EXTECH 392065 T-Bar Stem Thermometer Manual

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EXTECH TM100-NIST ..Type K/J Single Input Thermometer w/ NIST Cert. TP870 ............Type K Bead Wire Temperature Probe (482°F/250°C) TP875 ............Type K Bead Wire Temperature Probe (10

The 7206F is a high-performance memory chip produced by MAXWELL company. It has a 16K x 9-bit organization, RAD-PAK® radiation hardening, a total dose hardness of 100 krad (Si), and can be used for space applications. It has excellent single event effects.

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EXTECH Dual Input J/K Type Thermometer Model TM300 user manual

This document describes the features and functions of the Temperature Datalogger, including the ability to measure and store up to 32,000 temperature readings, set logging rate, high/low alarm and start mode, and download data to a PC via USB. The datalogger comes with a long-life lithium battery that can typically allow logging for one year.

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EXTECH Model 421502 Dual Input Type J/K Digital Thermometer user manual

Extech 42280 Temperature and Relative Humidity Datalogger is a wall-mount, tripod mount, or desktop indoor air quality monitor with an internal memory capable of storing 16,000 readings (8000 temperature readings and 8000 relative humidity readings) that can later be transferred to PC using the USB interface. Real-time meter- to-PC logging is also supported. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.

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EXTECH 421502 ................Type J/K Dual Input Thermometer with Alarms 421502-NIST ......Type J/K Dual Input Thermometer/ Alarms with NIST Manual

Extech RH300 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger can measure temperature and humidity, and record data in the memory. It can record up to 16,000 readings and export data to PC via USB interface.

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EXTECH 421509 ................Dual Input Thermometer 421509-NIST ......Dual Input Thermometer with NIST Certificate 153117 ................117V AC adaptor Manual

This document provides a user guide for Extech Instrument's datalogging instrumentation and software. It covers the hardware and software operation of Model 42275 Temperature and Humidity Datalogging Module and SW276 WindowsTM Software. It also covers the software and some hardware operation of Model 42270 Temperature and Humidity Datalogging Module, with a separate manual provided for detailed hardware operation. The datalogging modules can be used to monitor the temperature of greenhouses, warehouses, food transports, aircraft cabins, refrigerated trucks, containers, museums, and HVAC equipment. The modules can store 16,000 readings that can be transferred to PC or directly printed using the Model 42276 Programmer/Printer.

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EXTECH EasyView Dual K Thermometer Model EA10 user manual

Introduces the features and usage of the Extech Datalogging Module 42270 and 42260 data loggers, including temperature, humidity and other measurement functions

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EXTECH EA10 ....................EasyView Dual K Thermometer EA10-NIST ..........EA10 with Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST. EA15 ....................EasyView Dual Input 7 Thermo

Extech 42265/42275 series temperature and humidity data loggers are manufactured by Extech. The data loggers can record temperature and humidity data, support multiple data loggers connected to a base station, programmable sampling rate from 1 second to 2 hours, and support high and low temperature alarms.

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EXTECH SDL100 ..............pH/ORP/Temperature Datalogger SDL100-NIST ....SDL100 w/Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST standards 60120B ..............Mini pH Electrode (10x120mm) 601500 .....

The document describes the features and characteristics of the SDL100 pH/ORP/Temperature Datalogger produced by Extech Instruments Corporation. The datalogger has a dual display for pH or mV and temperature, with automatic temperature compensation and three-point calibration for accuracy. It can store 99 manual readings and up to 20 million readings via an SD card, with real-time date and time stamping. The datalogger also has user-programmable sampling rate, min/max and data hold functions, auto power off, and built-in PC interface. It comes complete with AA batteries, SD card, hard carrying case, sample buffers, mini pH electrode, and thermistor temperature probe.

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EXTECH Model 401012 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Alarm Manual

This manual introduces the use of the 401012 indoor / outdoor temperature alarm

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EXTECH 401012 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature AlarmManual

The document introduces the features and functions of Extech Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Alarm 401012, including a large 1.5-inch LCD screen that displays indoor and outdoor temperatures, single-point alarm function and dual-point alarm function, as well as product dimensions, weight, sensor, battery and other information

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EXTECH 401014 Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Manual(1)

This is an instruction manual for the 401014 indoor/outdoor thermometer. The thermometer can display the indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as the maximum and minimum temperature.

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EXTECH 401014 Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Manual

This document describes the features and characteristics of a big digit indoor/outdoor thermometer produced by Extech Instruments Corporation, including indoor and outdoor temperature display, minimum and maximum temperature recording, waterproof sensor, etc.

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The Extech 39272 Fold-up Thermometer is a reliable device that will provide years of dependable service. It features a foldable probe, temperature unit selection, and max/min reading function.

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EXTECH 39272 Pocket Fold-up Thermometer Manual

Extech 39272 Pocket Fold-up Thermometer is a portable temperature meter with a wide temperature range of -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) that can be switched between ˚C/˚F units. It has a fold-up probe that can be adjusted from 0° to 180° for best measurement and viewing angle. The large LCD display shows the temperature data with an accuracy of 0.1 degree.

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