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Jiangxi Environmental Engineering職業學院聯合當地企業開展黨建、共建、聯建公益捐贈活動,為師生發放了 500 份“百福抗疫急救包”,助力學院常態化疫情防控。

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Mosquitoes and Mosquito-Borne Diseases

This document mainly introduces mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.

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Plasmafilter Instructions for Use

This document is about the instructions for use of the Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH's plasma filter.

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PICC Practitioner's Guide

PICC Practitioner's Guide introduces the advantages and disadvantages of PICC and discusses the puncture technique of PICC.

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Vertical Injection Pump Product Manual

The vertical injection pump is a precise, compact and easy-to-install device that is widely used in various biological experimental fields.

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The contortionist's handbook

The contortionist's handbook is a novel about a young delinquent, John Vincent, who is sent to a mental hospital after a medical accident. There, he meets a strange doctor and begins to doubt his own identity.

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A remote blood pressure monitoring system with blood pressure intelligent split screen analysis and early warning

The utility model discloses a remote blood pressure monitoring system with blood pressure intelligent split screen analysis and early warning, including a blood pressure monitor and a blood pressure monitor intelligent screen connected by communication. The blood pressure monitor is used to obtain blood pressure monitoring results; the blood pressure monitor intelligent screen is used to obtain the blood pressure monitoring results, carry it with you at any time, display blood pressure monitoring results in real time, and perform blood pressure judgment and data statistics and blood pressure abnormality monitoring and early warning on the blood pressure monitoring results.

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BP898/BP899 User Manual

The BP898/BP899 User Manual provides instructions on how to use the cardioid condenser lavalier microphone and the omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone.

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B. Braun Avitum AG Plasmat Futura Blood Plasma Exchange Machine Operation Manual

The document is an operation manual for the Plasmat Futura blood plasma exchange machine produced by B. Braun Avitum AG.

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Philips VisaPure Men Essential

The Philips VisaPure Men Essential uses DualMotion technology, which combines rotating and vibrating movements, to allow the bristles to deeply cleanse the face of oil, dirt and dead skin cells, contributing to a healthy-looking and radiant skin.

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Slimming Machine User Manual

The slimming machine can quickly reduce excess body fat and achieve the effect of strengthening the body. It adopts the principle of balanced lateral movement and amplitude superposition in sports science. Let the fat of the whole body move, so as to consume calories and remove excess fat accumulated in the body. You only need to use it for 5-10 minutes a day.

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Protocol Prediction and Validation of Native and Engineered Cas9 Guide Sequences

This article describes a protocol for predicting and validating native and engineered Cas9 guide sequences. The protocol includes the following steps: (1) Identify the PAM sequence of the target gene; (2) Design the guide RNA sequence; (3) Synthesize the guide RNA; (4) Transfect the target cells; (5) Assess the editing efficiency.

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DT2 Manual Disintegration Tester

The DT2 Manual Disintegration Tester is an advanced, simple manual disintegration tester with precise temperature control and the ability to record the disintegration time of each or a whole set of samples.

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Prospectus of China Southern Health Flexible Allocation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund (Updated)

Prospectus of China Southern Health Flexible Allocation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund (Updated)

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Cocktail Evaluation

This document is about the evaluation of cocktails. It includes methods of making cocktails, tools and ingredients used.

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Dental Treatment Chair Product Manual

This product is a dental treatment chair with the following features: 1. Ergonomic design for comfortable operation. 2. Made of high-quality materials for durability. 3. Full-featured to meet a variety of dental treatment needs.

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Surgery Manual I

This manual introduces the principles, methods and precautions of inhalation anesthesia.

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Dehesa de los Canónigos Albillo

Dehesa de los Canónigos Albillo is made from 100% Albillo Mayor grapes from vines that are over 80 years old and are hand-harvested. It has a rich palate with aromas of yellow fruit and some nutty notes. It is both full and balanced, with an intense palate with spicy flavors and an effervescent sensation that mixes acidity and limestone minerality.

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KD-5905 Fully Automatic Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor Operation Guide

The KD-5905 is a fully automatic arm blood pressure monitor with the following features: 1. Voice播报measurement results, convenient for the elderly to use. 2. Dual-user mode, can store measurement data for two users. 3. Large-screen LCD display, easy to view measurement results. 4. One-key measurement, simple operation. 5. Small size, easy to carry.

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HONGTU Education Yaan Civil Service Interview Training Course

HONGTU Education Yaan Civil Service Interview Training Course will start on May 12th, and some places are being recruited.

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