Software Manuals

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0(1) Manual

This document provides information about Cisco Systems, Inc.'s headquarters and contact information, as well as their products Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified IP IVR 7.0(1) version's historical report and user manual.

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CAMPUS ASTM International Manual

ASTM International User Guide, introduces ASTM organization overview, scope, database usage instructions, etc.

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Rational Suite Enterprise 2002 Purify Manual

Rational Purify is a tool for testing Visual C/C++ and Java code for memory-related errors, which can ensure the quality and reliability of the entire application.

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Beijing UniStrong technology E650 V1.0. user manual

E650 is a highly integrated RTK measurement system developed by Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. It can be widely used in control measurement, engineering measurement, terrain surveying, GIS data acquisition and boundary measurement, area measurement and deformation monitoring and other construction application fields.

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Beijing technology university information portals Manual

Beijing University of Technology Information Portal User Manual, introduces the platform's functional modules, usage methods and solutions to common problems.

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