Electronics Manuals

SkyATA-101 Manual

SkyATA-101 is a compact analog telephone adapter designed specifically for Skype. It allows users to make free Skype calls (PC to PC) or directly dial to the recipient's local phone or mobile phone (PC to Phone) using SkypeOut service at a very low rate. Users can use a regular analog phone to make Skype or SkypeOut calls, enabling them to enjoy the simple, convenient, and cost-effective service provided by SkyATA-101. Additionally, SkyATA-101 can be connected to a wireless phone or digital wireless phone (DECT) to make Skype calls remotely using the phone's keypad, without being limited to using a computer.

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PT-60 mobile date terminal Manual

PT-60 is a small and integrated mobile data terminal that uses Windows CEĀ® operating system, integrates bar code scanning device, color touch screen, keyboard, wireless communication function, to provide standard WINDOWS interface for user operation.

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KE770 phone Manual

This document is the user manual for KE770 mobile phone, which introduces the features and usage of the phone. It also provides some safety precautions for usage.

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EndNote is a reference management software that helps users manage, organize, and cite references. EndNote can search and import references from a variety of sources, and provides multiple formats for creating reference lists. EndNote also integrates with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org Writer to make it easy to insert references when writing papers.

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MOD digital frame Manual

This document is the user manual for MOD digital photo frame, providing information on the product's features, usage requirements, and limitations.

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This document is a user manual that introduces the features and operation methods of using EndNote for reference management.

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Mio A700 phones Manual

Mio A700 user manual. This manual introduces the appearance, installation, charging, power on, power off, use of programs, security lock, telephone function, mobile phone management and other contents.

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