AUDIOVOX Manuals (Automotive)

AUDIOVOX Xpress XMC-10A vehicle guide

This document is the user manual for Audiovox Xpress XM® Satellite Radio Vehicle Kit, which provides information on installation, use and maintenance.

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AUDIOVOX SRSIR-001(FM/FMR) Installation Guide

The Audiovox Electronics SIRIUS® Satellite Digital Audio Control And Receiver System is designed to allow the user to listen to a wide selection of programming through a SIRIUS® Radio subscription. The system is easily installed and can be used with the user's existing car stereo system. The installation guide depicts typical installation scenarios.

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AUDIOVOX Shuttle SIR-PNP2 user manual

This document is a Shuttle User Guide, introducing the features and characteristics of Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius will revolutionize home or vehicle entertainment with 100 streams of original programming, including 60 streams of completely commercial-free music and 40 streams of news, sports, and entertainment. The music content is selected and developed by Sirius' team of Master Music Programmers, and world-class partners such as ESPN, ABC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Discovery, and Radio Disney are developing news, sports, and entertainment programming. Users need to use an adapter kit, such as the Audiovox Home kit or Vehicle Kit, which can be purchased at retailers where Audiovox main units are sold.

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AUDIOVOX SIRIUS Shuttle SIR-PNP3 user manual

This document is the Audiovox Shuttle User Guide, which introduces the features and usage of the Sirius satellite radio.

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AUDIOVOX SIRIUS Shuttle SIR-PNP1 user manual

This is a user guide for Audiovox Shuttle receiver

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