Automotive Manuals

GARMIN GPS 126/128 user Reference Manual

This manual introduces the use of the GPS 126/128 Marine Navigator, including product features, components, installation, use, troubleshooting and other content.

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This document introduces the features and characteristics of Beidou satellite navigation instruments.

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CARMIN GPSMAP 230 C satellite navigator Manual

BeiDou satellite navigation instrument produced by Beijing HZS Technology Co., Ltd.

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GPS navigation Manual

This document is a user manual for GPS navigation devices, which introduces the basic functions, route functions, track functions, basic settings, and auxiliary functions of GPS.

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Quest car / hand-held Both Use navigation Manual

Quest is a car/portable dual-use navigation product of BeiDou. It supports intelligent navigation, POI query, voice navigation, and can also store a large number of trajectories and routes, automatically optimize the order of multiple destinations, and realize one-key navigation and rapid return to the destination. In addition, compared with similar products, Quest has higher performance indicators and more intimate design. The all-weather shell and the built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can be used for about 20 hours are suitable for complex and changeable outdoor use environments.

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ACCO navigation Manual

This document is a user manual for ACCO navigation device, which describes the features and precautions of the product.

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GP338 Portable Radio User Guide

Motorola GP338 Portable Radio User Guide

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GPS pocket PC phone user manual

This document is a user manual for Pocket PC, which introduces the basic usage of Pocket PC, including how to install battery, how to use touch screen, and how to connect to a computer.

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nokia 6090 car phone installation User Manual

This document is the installation and user manual for the Nokia 6090 car phone, which describes the operation guide, installation steps, basic functions, and other important features of the product.

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QLA BR920CK car bluetooth Stereo Ear Machine Manual

This manual introduces the use of QLA BR920CK car Bluetooth stereo headset. The headset supports Bluetooth A2DP protocol, which allows you to listen to beautiful music on your phone, MP3, computer and other devices. The headset also allows you to switch between music and call functions. When you are listening to music, you can use the Bluetooth wireless stereo headset to answer Bluetooth phone calls or make phone calls.

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AS808 Wireless alarm installation Manual

AS808 wireless alarm installation and operating instructions

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BORGOO BG-502 car vacuum cleaner Manual

Please according to the counter-disassemble orders to assemble the machine.

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BORGOO BG-501 car vacuum cleaner Manual

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GSM/GPRS/GPS car terminal Manual

This manual mainly introduces the function features, appearance structure, usage methods, installation connection and relevant precautions of GSM/GPRS/GPS car terminal.

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mobile Wireless car Hard disk vcr operating service manual

This manual mainly introduces the overview, main functions, installation guide, must-read operations, and basic operations of the mobile wireless car hard disk recorder.

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car GPS QuickStart Guide

This quick guide introduces the use of pre-preparation, AC power supply and charging, car charger and FM tuning, installation in the car, power on and sleep, stylus, and use of SD/MMC memory card.

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car hi-fi Manual(1)

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car hi-fi Manual(1)(1)

This is a 13cm 2-way coaxial speaker with 25W RMS power and 140W peak music power. It has a sensitivity of 87dB/W/m, frequency response range of 35-26kHz, impedance of 4 ohms, and magnet mass of 5.4 oz. The product is suitable for installation in vehicles and features high power and sensitivity.

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