CADD Manuals (Health)

CADD Prizm VIP 6100/6101 Ambulatory Infusion Pumps PATIENT INFORMATION

This manual describes how to use the CADD-Prizm® pump, including how to install a battery, start the pump, stop the pump, get a dose, remove a cassette, and attach a cassette

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CADD Prizm VIP 6100/6101 Ambulatory Infusion Pump OPERATOR'S MANUAL

This manual concerns only the CADD-Prizm® VIP (Variable Infusion Profile) Model 6100 and Model 6101 ambulatory infusion pumps.

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CADD Prizm PCS/Pain Control System 6100/6001 OPERATOR'S MANUAL

This document is the operator's manual for the CADD-Prizm® PCS (Pain Control System) Model 6100 and 6101 ambulatory infusion pumps. The pump can be programmed to deliver medication at a constant rate and/or allow delivery of a bolus dose at a specified time interval. This manual is intended for clinician use only and should not be accessed by patients.

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