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Shanghai GENMED Medicine technology GENMED Tricin gel electrophoresis kit products Manual( chinese )

GENMED GMS30010 v.A GENMED Flavonoid Gel Electrophoresis Kit is a gel electrophoresis system that uses flavonoids instead of glycine. It is designed to separate small molecule peptides and protein molecules and is suitable for separating small molecule proteins and peptides in the range of 4 kD to 30 kD, including protein subunits, hydrophobic proteins, lipopolysaccharides, and lipooligosaccharides.

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THERMO Phire Move Matter Organization Direct PCR kit Manual

Phire Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit is a kit for direct PCR of non-fixed animal tissue samples without prior DNA purification. The kit contains reagents and tools for both direct and dilution methods.

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melamine quantify test kit Manual

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sphygmomanometer HEM-4011C Manual

This document is a user manual for Omron electronic blood pressure monitor, which introduces the composition of the product, instructions for use, safety precautions, and frequently asked questions.

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OMRON HEM-6011 intelligence sphygmomanometer Manual

This document is the user manual for the intelligent electronic blood pressure monitor HEM-6011, which provides information on safety precautions, recommendations for measuring blood pressure, initial setup, correct usage, blood pressure knowledge, and troubleshooting.

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OMRON HEM-6001 intelligence sphygmomanometer Manual

This is the instruction manual of Omron's wrist blood pressure monitor HEM-6001. It introduces the features and characteristics of the product, including measurement advice, initial settings, correct use, memory function, setting modification, wrist blood pressure, blood pressure tips and FAQs.

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OMRON HEM-7301-IT intelligence sphygmomanometer Manual1

This manual introduces the use of HEM-7301-IT intelligent electronic blood pressure meter, measurement methods, precautions, etc.

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OMRON HEM-7011 intelligence sphygmomanometer Manual

This document provides instructions for using the HEM-7011 intelligent electronic blood pressure monitor, including safety precautions, setup, usage, maintenance, etc.

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OMRON HEM-1000 intelligence sphygmomanometer Manual1

This manual introduces the features and usage of Omron HEM-1000 intelligent electronic blood pressure meter, including product composition, power connection, date and time setting, correct measurement posture, how to use the cuff, blood pressure measurement, manual inflation method, user switching, memory function, blood pressure measurement Q&A, about arrhythmia, screen display error, when in doubt, maintenance and storage, specifications, health consultation room and other contents.

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Philips SCH540 AVENT digital electronic thermometer suit user manual

This is a user manual for Philips AVENT digital thermometer. This thermometer can be used for oral, axillary and rectal measurement of baby's body temperature.

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OMRON electronic thermometer MC-440 Manual

This is a Omron electronic thermometer. It can measure oral temperature and axillary temperature. The thermometer uses predictive measurement technology to predict how the temperature will change in the next few hours based on the measured temperature data.

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E toposide capsule Manual

Etoposide Capsule is a chemotherapy drug used to treat leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers. This educational brochure provides information about the drug's uses, side effects, and precautions.

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Oseltamivir capsule Manual

Tamiflu Capsule is a medicine to prevent and treat A and B type influenza

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Beijing bjyadong yinhuang capsule Manual

Yinhuang Capsule is a Class A medicine, mainly composed of honeysuckle and baical skullcap root. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is used to treat acute and chronic tonsillitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis, and upper respiratory tract infections. When using it, follow the dosage and usage instructions in the instructions, and follow the contraindications and precautions. If there is discomfort or no improvement in symptoms, seek medical attention promptly. Children should use it under adult supervision and keep it out of the reach of children.

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Hydroxyurea capsule Manual

Hydroxyurea Capsule is a chemical treatment for leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, malignant melanoma and other malignant tumors. The drug should be taken under the guidance of a doctor and should not be taken or stopped without authorization. During the period of taking the medicine, attention should be paid to avoid contact with people with infectious diseases, and regular follow-up should be taken to determine the efficacy and track the condition and blood count.

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Acitretin capsule Manual

This document provides information about Acitretin Capsules in the patient medication education leaflet of National Taiwan University Hospital, including its main ingredients, functions, dosage and usage, precautions, and possible side effects.

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