LOUDSOFT Manuals (Software)

LOUDSOFT FINESPL Reference Manual Tutorial

This manual introduces the installation and use of FINESPL sound test software, including frequency response, room response, impedance and Thiele/Small parameter measurement methods.

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LOUDSOFT FINEMotor Loudspeaker Magnet System Voice Coil Design Program REFERENCE MANUAL

FINEMotor™ Loudspeaker Magnet System & Voice Coil Design Program REFERENCE MANUAL is a software for designing loudspeaker magnet system and voice coil. It can create custom magnet material tables and wire tables.

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The FINELab™ QC System is a testing and measurement system used to evaluate the performance of audio equipment. It can perform various tests such as frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, and polarity, and provides statistical results. Users can determine the quality of the product based on the test results.

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This document introduces the FINECone™ acoustic finite element dome/cone simulation program and demonstrates how to use it to verify the accuracy of a 6.5-inch woofer model. The document also provides the characteristics and features of the woofer, such as size, magnet, and voice coil parameters.

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LOUDSOFT FINECone Reference Manual

FINECone™ Reference Manual is the reference manual of FINECone, which introduces the basic functions of FINECone, including defining geometry, defining material properties, defining electrical parameters, defining lumped parameters, defining frequency range, calculating results, etc.

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FINEBox is a non-linear high power box design program for Hi-Fi, PA, and micro loudspeakers. It can simulate voice coil temperature and compression at high power in closed box, reflex, ABR, band-pass, and inter-port alignments. All non-linear T/S parameters + thermal data can be imported directly from FINEMotor.

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This document introduces the detailed steps to design a crossover using FINE X-over. It is easy to design simple and advanced crossover using FINE X-over.

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LOUDSOFT FINE X-over Design Reference Manual

This document is the reference manual for FINE X-over™ X-over Design. It provides guidance on how to design the best possible crossover using the software. The manual includes information on the wizard, importing SPL and impedance files, and more.

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