MICROCHIP Manuals (Industrial)

MICROCHIP 24AA32A/24LC32A 32K I 2 C Serial EEPROM handbook

The 24AA32A/24LC32A is Microchip Technology Inc.'s 32-bit electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM). The device is organized as four 8K x 8-bit memories with a 2-wire serial interface. Low-voltage design allows operation down to 1.8V, with standby and active currents of only 1μA and 1mA, respectively. It has been developed for advanced low-power applications such as personal communications or data acquisition. The 24XX32A also has a page write buffer that can store 32 bytes of data.

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MICROCHIP PIC17C7XX High-Performance 8-Bit CMOS EPROM Microcontrollers with 10-bit A/D handbook

This document describes the features and characteristics of a microcontroller from Microchip Technology Inc. The microcontroller has the following features: easy to learn with only 58 single word instructions, single cycle instructions except for program branches and table reads/writes, high operating speed, hardware multiplier, interrupt capability, hardware stack, various addressing modes, and internal/external program memory execution. In addition, it has multiple peripheral features including I/O pins, analog-to-digital converter, LED drive, capture input pins, PWM outputs, timers/counters, USART/SCI, and synchronous serial port.

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MICROCHIP PIC16F72 handbook

DS39597B PIC16F72 Data Sheet 28-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontroller with A/D Converter

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MICROCHIP PIC16F62X FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers handbook

This document introduces the features and characteristics of the PIC16F62X series products produced by Microchip Technology Inc. These products feature a high-performance RISC CPU, interrupt capability, special function hardware registers, hardware stack, and various addressing modes. They are also equipped with various peripheral features such as I/O pins, analog comparator module, timers, capture/compare/PWM module, and USART/SCI. The document also provides information about the memory capacity of these products.

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MICROCHIP PIC16C55X(A) EPROM-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller handbook

This document is the data sheet of PIC16C55X(A) series microcontrollers, which introduces the features and characteristics of the series microcontrollers

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MICROCHIP MCP1701 handbook

The features and characteristics of the MCP1701 series of low voltage drop linear regulators are introduced, including working voltage range, output current, static current, output voltage, package type, application scenarios, etc.

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MICROCHIP MCP2510 Manual(2)

MCP2510 is a Full Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller implementing CAN specification V2.0 A/B. It supports CAN 1.2, CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B Passive, and CAN 2.0B Active versions of the protocol, and is capable of transmitting and receiving standard and extended data frames.

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MICROCHIP 25AA640/25LC640 Manual

The 25AA640/25LC640 is a 64Kbit EEPROM produced by Microchip Technology Inc. It has low power consumption, high reliability and data retention for more than 200 years.

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MICROCHIP 25AA160/25LC160/25C160 Manual

This document describes the features and characteristics of the 16 Kbit Serial Electrically Erasable PROMs produced by Microchip Technology Inc., including low-power CMOS technology, 2048 x 8-bit organization, 16-byte page, self-timed erase and write cycles, block write protection, and built-in write protection.

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MICROCHIP 25AA1024/25LC1024 Manual

The file is the datasheet of 25AA1024/25LC1024

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MCP73871 is a lithium battery charger chip from Microchip, supporting 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V and 4.40V multiple charging voltage, supporting USB port and AC power supply.

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This document includes the programming specifications for the PIC12C67X and PIC12CE67X devices, including hardware requirements, programming mode, user program memory map, etc.

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This is a user manual for MPLAB ICE

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MICROCHIP - HCS301 KEELOQ Code Hopping Encoder handbook

The HCS301 from Microchip Technology Inc. is a code hopping encoder designed for secure Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems. It features a programmable 28-bit serial number, programmable 64-bit encryption key, unique transmission for each transmission, 66-bit transmission code length, 32-bit hopping code, and 34-bit fixed code.

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MICROCHIP TC4426 TC4427 TC4428 Manual

TC4426/TC4427/TC4428 is a high performance, high reliability 1.5A dual channel MOSFET driver, which meets the needs of various circuit design.

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MICROCHIP TC1269 300mA CMOS LDO with Shutdown VREF Bypass handbook

TC1269 is a fixed output, high accuracy (typically ±0.5%) CMOS upgrade for older (bipolar) low dropout regulators. It has very low ground current, low dropout voltage, 300mA output current, high output voltage accuracy, standard or custom output voltages, power saving shutdown mode, bypass input for ultra quiet operation, over current and over temperature protection.

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MICROCHIP MCP601/1R/2/3/4 Manual

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MICROCHIP MCP6281/1R/2/3/4/5 Manual

The MCP6281/1R/2/3/4/5 family of operational amplifiers (op amps) provided by Microchip Technology Inc. have wide bandwidth and low power consumption.

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The Microchip Technology Inc. 93LC46AX/BX are 1K- bit, low voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROMs. The device memory is configured as x8 (93LC46A) or x16 bits (93LC46B). Advanced CMOS technology makes these devices ideal for low power nonvolatile memory applications. The 93LC46AX/BX is available in standard 8-pin DIP, 8-pin surface mount SOIC, and TSSOP packages. The 93LC46AX/BX are offered only in a 150-mil SOIC package.

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MICROCHIP TC1412/TC1412N 2A High-Speed MOSFET Drivers Manual

The TC1412/TC1412N are 2A CMOS buffers/drivers, feature short delay times, low supply current and low output impedance.

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