CARS Manuals (Automotive)

car GPS QuickStart Guide

This quick guide introduces the use of pre-preparation, AC power supply and charging, car charger and FM tuning, installation in the car, power on and sleep, stylus, and use of SD/MMC memory card.

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car SD card vcr products Manual

The car SD card recorder is a four-channel embedded digital SD card recorder specially designed for car safety. It adopts embedded processor and embedded operating system, combines video/audio compression/decompression, GPS, car recorder, large capacity FLASH storage and other technologies, so that the system has high intelligence and high stability. It can be widely used in the safety of cars, ships and trains.

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car GPS cars ply recorder E98 Manual

The E98 car GPS driving recorder is a high-tech product that complies with the GB/T19056-2003 and DB44/T578-2009 standards. It has various functions including monitoring, alarm, data management, vehicle driving management, information management, printing, and dispatching. With the GPS positioning system, it can record and transmit real-time information about the vehicle's direction, speed, time, mileage, location, and images. The product also supports remote data transmission and printing, playing a crucial role in road safety transportation.

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