M-AUDIO Manuals (Software)

M-AUDIO Venom User Guide

Venom User Guide is a user manual for M-Audio Venom audio interface, which introduces the features and characteristics of the product, including the minimum system requirements, the installation of the driver, and the connection of the device.

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M-AUDIO Trigger Finger User Guide

Trigger Finger is a drum and percussion controller from M-Audio. It features 16 programmable velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, 8 programmable knobs, 4 programmable sliders and 16 memory locations. It also supports a variety of MIDI messages, including Program Change, Bank LSB, Bank MSB, Channel, MIDI Control Change, etc.

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M-AUDIO SESSION Quick Start Guide

Session is a powerful and intuitive music creation application for Windows. Regardless of your experience with computers and music software, we suggest that you read the Electronic Documentation, which covers every aspect of Session and provides 12 tutorials to get you up and running.

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M-AUDIO OZONIC Quick Start Guide

Ozonic Quick Start Guide, introduces how to install drivers, connect devices, use FireWire Control Panel etc.

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M-AUDIO Oxygen 8 version: Oxy8_050503 User Guide

This manual introduces the features of Oxygen 8, including hardware installation, software installation, first OMS configuration instructions, setting up MIDI studio, using Oxygen 8 in your application software, Oxygen 8 MIDI functions, Oxygen 8 default settings, etc.

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M-AUDIO JamLab User Guide

This is a JamLab user manual that explains the JamLab's control panel and the basics of GT Player Express. It also explains how to use the M-Audio ProSessions drum loops and MP3 songs with GT Player Express.

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M-Audio iControl for GarageBand User Guide

M-Audio iControl is a control interface designed for use with Appleā€™s GarageBand music software. With iControl, you will be able to control all the various aspects of GarageBand from an intuitive control surface, maximizing your working speed.

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M-AUDIO GROOVE LAB Quick Start Guide

GrooveLab is a complete, integrated hardware and software solution that provides you with a powerful set of musical composition and production tools, assembled in an easy-to-use package to get you started making music right away.

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M-AUDIO eKeys 37 software user guide

eKeys 37 is a 37-note compact music station that includes Picture Board, Music Teacher, and Sound Studio software programs. It is designed for introducing children to music and keyboard usage, as well as producing your own music. Sound Studio II is a powerful audio/MIDI sequencer with recording, arranging, and VST plugin support, allowing you to create a virtual music studio.

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Bass Management is a tool used to help surround speaker systems reproduce the full spectrum of sound from surround-encoded material. It reroutes low frequency sounds from satellite channels to a subwoofer, ensuring that low-frequency sounds are heard even if they were originally routed to smaller satellite speakers. Bass Management is only necessary for smaller satellite speakers that cannot reproduce low bass frequencies. The M-Audio Bass Management system also includes additional features such as subwoofer loudness limiting, subwoofer phase inversion, and time-alignment on all channels.

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M-AUDIO Avid Vocal Studio user manual v8.0.3

This document is the Avid Vocal Studio User Guide, describing the features and characteristics of the product.

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