Philips Electric cooker Manuals

PHILIPS HD4747 HD4745 user manual

This document is the user manual of Philips rice cooker, which introduces the use methods, precautions and other information of the rice cooker

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philips HD 3274/75 Manual

This document provides operating instructions and safety precautions for the HD 3274/75 2 model air heater. The product features air inlet and outlet grilles, a selector switch, a thermostat knob, a pilot light, and mains cord storage.

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philips Electric cooker HD4744 user manual

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philips Electric cooker HD4765 HD4767 user manual

HD4765_HD4767 is a double-pole switch of the Panda brand, with 2 contacts and 2 terminals, which can be used to control lighting fixtures. Its electrical performance indicators are rated voltage 220V, rated current 3A, power 220W.

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philips Electric cooker HD6153 HD6152 user manual

This document is an instruction manual for Cucina HD6153 and HD6152 products. The document mentions the precautions for using the products, such as checking the voltage, using an earthed wall socket, and avoiding self-repair. It also provides information on cleaning and using the product, as well as safety precautions.

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PHILIPS HD4775 user manual

The Philips Smartouch HD4775 rice cooker features 30 menu options and an intelligent automatic cooking system. It uses a thick inner pot and artificial intelligence control to cook fresh and nutritious food. It also has smart control features such as step-by-step guidance and a color backlight LCD display, making it easy to operate and clean.

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