SAMPO Manuals (Appliances)

SAMPO RE-2005 microwave oven Manual

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SAMPO TQ-L8031CL YixingPot Manual

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SAMPO TR-PD60S Roast toaster Manual

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SAMPO KM-RA10M induction cooker Manual

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SAMPO RE-112SGM2 Single bond all function microwave oven Manual

Re-112SGM2 is a microwave oven from remax. It has auto defrost, five heat settings, and a baking function. The power is 1250W and the volume is 1.1 cubic feet / 30 liters.

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SAMPO ES-D149ABwashing machine Manual

This is the user manual for ES-D149AB, including installation, usage, washing cycle, control panel operation, etc.

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SAMPO ES-103SBF Manual

This document is an instruction manual for using the AI single-slot fully automatic washing machine ES-103SBF NEURO FUZZY. It introduces the names and functions of various parts of the washing machine, as well as installation and usage precautions.

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SAMPO HD-PC11W Open drink Machine Manual(1)

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SAMPO EC-SA30 vacuum cleaner Manual

EC-SA30 Seibo Vacuum Cleaner User Manual, including specifications, safety instructions, operating methods, cleaning and maintenance, parts names, emergency handling methods, etc.

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SAMPO SK-G4147BL Box fan Manual

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SAMPO EC-AC835 electric vacuum cleaner Manual

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SAMPO LF-R912RL Manual

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SAMPO LF-R1105EL Manual

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SAMPO AD-16FB dehumidifier Manual

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SAMPO AD-1294N dehumidifier Manual

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SAMPO EB-B603L Manual(1)

This document is a detailed introduction to a product from a particular brand. It describes the features and characteristics of the product.

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SAMPO EB-Z1114WL Manual

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SAMPO KP-YB40M Electric thermos Manual

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