SAMPO Manuals (Electronics)

SAMPO GK-6100 Manual

This is a mobile phone user manual, which covers the use methods of various functions of the mobile phone, including power on, power off, charging, calling, SMS, multimedia, toolbox, games, settings, etc.

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SAMPO GK302 Manual

This manual introduces the safety precautions, overview, phone introduction, getting started, phone menu, basic functions, messaging, call history, situation mode setting, multimedia management, calendar, personal assistant, games, settings, and system services of the mobile phone.

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SAMPO WK-W801ML CD/MP3 walkman Manual

This is a smartphone developed and produced by a company. The phone uses the latest processor and operating system, which has a strong performance, supports 5G networks, and takes great pictures. It is a very worthwhile phone to buy.

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SAMPO MK-F21D Manual

The document provides an introduction to the features and characteristics of the products.

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SAMPO WK-W801ML Manual(1)(1)

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SAMPO WK-W801ML Manual(1)

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SAMPO WK-V801ML Manual

This document introduces the features of Huawei routers.

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SAMPO WK-W802ML Manual

The document is an installation manual, which introduces how to install a product

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SAMPO CT-B504SL telephone Manual

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SAMPO CT-W301L Manual

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SAMPO CT-17S telephone Manual

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SAMPO CT-C251 telephone Manual

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SAMPO MK-F22L walkman Manual(1)

The document is a product manual for Canon's EOS R7 camera. It provides information on the camera's features and specifications, as well as instructions on how to use it.

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SAMPO CT-W601ML telephone Manual

In this white paper, we will introduce the benefits of using Huawei Cloud Storage and how to use Huawei Cloud Storage to build a high-availability architecture for your database

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SAMPO DR-S0424 Recorder Manual

This document is about the instruction manual for a product, which mainly introduces the product's key panel, rear interface, function settings, operating procedures, etc.

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SAMPO VC-M690/M620 Recorder Manual

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SAMPO DR-S1622 digit Recorder Manual

This document is the safety precautions for DR-S1622 16 Channel Digital Recorder and DR-S0930 9 Channel Digital Recorder. The main contents are about the installation, use, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. They include prohibiting the equipment from being placed outdoors in the rain, heavy humidity or dust, prohibiting the equipment from being exposed to water or humidity, prohibiting the equipment from being placed in a rainy or humid environment to avoid fire or electrical short circuit.

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SAMPO DR-S0455/0855/1655 digit Recorder Manual

This manual provides basic operating methods for DR-S0455 DR-S0855 DR-S1655 H.264 Full HD digital VCR, including warranty scope, precautions, system settings, general system settings, host panel introduction, entering OSD setting menu, user management, host power on/off, system date/time setting, daylight saving time, etc.

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SAMPO LME-1723D/LME-1923D Monitor private liquid crystal monitor Manual

The LME-1723D / LME-1923D are two liquid crystal monitors produced by Lepow. They have high contrast, fast response time, A-grade panels (in compliance with 335 standards), high resolution, support for composite video signals, multiple input and output signal terminals, built-in stereo multimedia speakers, 3D comb filter, 3D de-interlace circuit, anti-ghosting protection design, automatic power-on after power failure, and OSD Chinese and English language options.

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SAMPO CT-2048 Intercom system Manual

IS-2048 security image intercom system is a security image intercom system with features such as a seven-segment digital display, operation indicator LED, operation keyboard, answer key, message key, speaker, microphone, and door opening key. It can be used for functions such as administrator calling residents, activating message indicator, resident calling administrator, resident emergency assistance, and door station calling administrator.

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