Philips Fax machine Manuals

PHILIPS PH288/PH288+ Manual

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PHILIPS PPF631S user manual

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PHILIPS PH188/188+Fax Manual

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PHILIPS Laserfax 5120 Laserfax 5125 Laserfax 5135 user manual

Laserfax 5120 Laserfax 5125 Laserfax 5135 is a laser multifunction printer under the Philips brand, which supports printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

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PHILIPS LFF 6020 User Guide ( English )

This document describes the features and characteristics of the LFF6020 GB multifunction machine, including color scanning, black and white printing and copying functions, as well as the connection and use with a personal computer.

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PHILIPS LFF 6050 User Guide ( English )

This file is the user manual of LFF 6050 multifunction machine, which introduces the user guide, security information, printing, scanning, faxing, connection methods, etc. of the machine

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PHILIPS PH288+ User Manual

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PHILIPS PH288S User Guide

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PHILIPS PPF 591 Fax Manual

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philips MAGIC5 PPF 675S Fax Manual

PPF 675S User Manual, this manual introduce the product's usage method, function introduction, installation guide and other contents.

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Philips telephone Fax user manual

This document is a user manual for the Philips PPF 638S CN printer. The manual introduces the various functions and usage methods of the printer, including printing with carbon tape, phonebook function, speed dial, fax sending and querying, copying function, Sudoku game, etc. The manual reminds users to pay attention to installation and usage instructions.

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Philips PPF6315 telephone Fax user manual

This manual introduces the use of Philips PPF 631S products, mainly including: free ink ribbon, phone book, single-key dialing, printing, copying, sending / receiving fax, Sudoku game and other content.

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