Philips Juicer Manuals

PHILIPS HR7625 HR7621 HR7620 Manual

This is a user manual that introduces the use and precautions of HR7625, HR7621, HR7620 blenders.

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PHILIPS Blender HR 1757 /AB

This document is the service manual for Philips Cucina Blender HR 1757 /AB. It includes product specifications, safety requirements, usage instructions, and repair steps.

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PHILIPS HR7625 HR7620 Manual(2)

The document provides information about the precautions and safety measures for using HR7625 and HR7620 2 ES products. It also includes descriptions of the features and functions of the products.

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PHILIPS HR 4366/68 User Guide ( English )

This document is an operating instruction for the Philips Air Cleaner HR 4366/68. With this air cleaner, you can effectively improve the quality of the air you breathe at home and in the office by reducing indoor air pollution caused by pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, yeasts, and smoke.

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PHILIPS HR1655 HR1653 user manual

This document describes the features and characteristics of Philips household appliances, including the functions and usage methods of accessories such as blenders, egg beaters, and mixing bowls.

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PHILIPS HR1652 HR1651 HR1650 user manual

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PHILIPS HR2864 user manual

This document is the user manual of Philips HR2864 blender, which introduces the basic use of the blender, safety precautions and maintenance and care methods

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PHILIPS HR1799 HR1797 HR1791 user manual

This file is the user manual for HR1799/HR1797/HR1791 juicer, which introduces the basic use method, cleaning and maintenance method of the juicer.

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PHILIPS HR1854 HR1853 Manual1

This document provides instructions for using and safety warnings for the HR1854 and HR1853 products. Users are reminded to read the user manual carefully before use and register the product. Users are warned not to immerse the motor unit in water or other liquids and to check if the voltage matches the local mains voltage before connecting the appliance. Additionally, it provides maintenance and child safety precautions.

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PHILIPS HR1823 HR1822 Manual

This is a user manual that introduces the use and precautions of HR1823 and HR1822 juicers

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philips HR1865 Juicer Manual

This is an instruction manual for the Philips HR1865 juicer

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PHILIPS HR2746 HR2744 Juicer Manual

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PHILIPS HR2850 Juicer Manual

This manual introduces the use of the HR2850 blender, including safety use, cleaning and maintenance.

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PHILIPS Orange Juicer HR2737 user manual

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