Philips Headsets Manuals

PHILIPS SHC5100 user manual

This user manual introduces the features and usage methods of Philips SHC5100 wireless headphones.

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PHILIPS SHB1400 user manual

This document is the user manual for the Philips SHB1400 Bluetooth headset. The manual provides important information about the product, accessories, how to use it, and frequently asked questions.

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PHILIPS sWB9200 sWB9000 earphone User Guide ( English )

This manual describes how to operate sWB9200 and sWB9000 Bluetooth headsets

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PHILIPS Recording stereo earphone SHB7110 user guide

This document introduces the usage of the earphones, including answering phone calls, hanging up/rejecting incoming calls, volume adjustment, redialing the last number, enabling voice dialing, transferring calls to phone/earphones, removing/inserting earphones, microphone mute, playing/pausing, next/previous track, FullSound (natural/dynamic bass), power on/off and other functions.

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PHILIPS SHB1300 bluetooth headset user manual

This product is a wireless portable speaker device, which adopts Bluetooth connection mode and supports Android and iOS systems.

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PHILIPS SHB7110 Simplified chinese bluetooth stereo earphone user manual

Philips Tapster Bluetooth stereo headset is a headset with touch and gesture control, which provides you with an intuitive and simple music experience. FullSound audio enhancement provides rich and full, amazing live music effects. EverClear technology minimizes echoes and background noise, making calls clearer. The curved acoustic tube design makes the headphones comfortable and stable to wear, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort; the perfect sound seal effect brings an excellent music experience.

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philips PHILIPS bluetooth stereo earphone SHB6000 user guide

Philips SHB6000 Bluetooth stereo headset user manual, including instructions on how to turn on/off the headset, pair it with a device, play/pause music, answer/hang up calls, adjust volume, etc.

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philips PHILIPS bluetooth stereo earphone SHB6000 Manual

This is the user manual of Philips SHB6000 Bluetooth stereo headset. It introduces the functions of charging, pairing, power on/off, music control, call control, LED indicator and sound indicator.

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PHILIPS SHC5100 earphone user manual

This document is a user manual for Philips SHC5100 indoor wireless headphones, which introduces the packaging items, getting started, and product version table.

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Philips SHB1400 bluetooth stereo earphone user guide

Philips Bluetooth stereo headset SHB1400 Quick Start Guide. Introduces how to use the headset, including how to connect to a mobile phone, adjust the volume, answer calls, reject calls, redial the last number, activate voice dialing, transfer calls to a mobile phone, mute the microphone, etc.

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PHILIPS SHB7102 bluetooth stereo earphone user manual

This document introduces a Bluetooth stereo headset that allows wireless music and calls by connecting the MP3 player to the phone via the included Bluetooth audio adapter. The headset features high-quality sound, comfortable wearing, and convenient volume control and call management functions.

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PHILIPS SHG8055 Carry belt Game unit earphone user manual

This Philips SHG8055 portable gaming headset features a 32mm neodymium diaphragm for true sound that makes you feel like you're right in the game. A powerful speaker driver delivers super realistic sound. An ultra-light headband improves comfort and durability. A built-in battery lets you get started right away. Compatible with all major game consoles. A 1.8m extension cable gives you more room to play. A foldable headband makes the headphones easier to carry around.

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PHILIPS SHB6102 bluetooth stereo earphone user manual

This document introduces the features and characteristics of the Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset SHB6102, including wireless music and call functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, and comfort.

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PHILIPS SHG8050 Game earphone user manual

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PHILIPS SHE785 With turbocharged bass earbud earphone user manual

Philips SHE785 earphones are high-quality in-ear headphones with Turbo Bass, volume control and a sturdy protective pouch for extra protection when not in use. This headphone features a 24k gold-plated plug, copper-clad aluminum wire, neodymium magnets and a vortex bass for an excellent sound experience. The earphones also feature a 15mm speaker driver, an asymmetrical wiring system, a 1.2m long cable, a carrying pouch and a Flexi-Grip cable clip for comfortable use.

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PHILIPS SHM3100 laptop earphone user manual

The Philips SHM3100 laptop headset is especially suitable for users who frequently go out and require high-quality sound and clear voice. It features a highly sensitive microphone for clear voice communication and a neodymium magnet for enhanced bass and sensitivity. The optimized earbud size ensures a secure and comfortable fit. It can be used with MAC and PC.

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PHILIPS SHB7100 bluetooth stereo earphone user manual

Philips SHB7100 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are a wireless headset that can connect to your phone or computer via Bluetooth to enjoy stereo music streaming. The headset features neodymium magnet speakers that provide digital stereo sound quality. The headset also supports wireless call management, allowing you to wirelessly answer, hang up, reject calls, and make voice calls. The headset uses the TailorMate headphone concept, which allows you to choose different colored ear cups to match your personal style.

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PHILIPS SHN7500 Noise Reduction earphone user manual

The Philips SHN7500 Active Noise Canceling Headphones feature advanced electronic technology that reduces up to 80% of unwanted ambient noise, providing you with a truly immersive listening experience. The headphones come with a detachable 3.5mm audio cable and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm audio adapter, allowing you to connect to a variety of audio devices. Additionally, the headphones include a built-in battery, so you can use them at any time.

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PHILIPS SHE9850 Earbud earphone user manual

The Philips SHE9850 earphone offers clear and detailed sound quality, excellent comfort, and noise cancellation. It features high-resolution drivers, professional tuning, and angled acoustics design to deliver precise, clear, and immersive audio experience.

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