Philips Mouse keyboard Manuals

PHILIPS SPM4700 mouse user manual

This is the user manual for the SPM4700 mouse, which introduces the functions and features of the mouse and how to use it.

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PHILIPS SPM4701 mouse user manual

This document is the user manual for SPM4701 wireless mouse, which introduces the features and usage of the mouse.

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PHILIPS SPM7711 mouse user manual

This is an instruction manual that introduces the use of wireless laser mouse SPM7711.

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PHILIPS SPM1500/1700/2700/3700 Optics USB mouse Manual

This document is the user manual for Philips SPM1500, SPM1700, SPM2700, SPM3700 wired optical mouse.

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PHILIPS SPM4800 mouse Manual

This document is the instruction manual for a certain brand of mouse, which includes the use of the product and troubleshooting methods.

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PHILIPS SPM5803 mouse Manual

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PHILIPS SPM6813 mouse user guide

This document is a wireless notebook mouse user manual, which introduces the product's functions and features and usage methods.

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PHILIPS SPT5701 mouse User Guide ( English )

The document is a user manual for the Philips SPT5701 wireless desktop set, describing the features and characteristics of the product.

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PHILIPS SPM5910 mouse user guide

Improper work habits when using a keyboard or mouse may result in discomfort or serious injury such as strain to your hands, wrists, or other parts of your body. Whether you are working or playing, it is important to avoid awkward postures and position your body comfortably. Not only can this improve your overall productivity, it may help you avoid MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). Changing your posture during extended tasks may also help you avoid discomfort and fatigue. Information about Electric-, Magnetic- and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and the commitment of Philips Electronics to develop and market products that cause no adverse health effects.

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PHILIPS SPM2702/SPM3702/SPM3702XB wired laptop mouse user manual

This file is the user manual for Philips SPM2702, SPM3702, SPM3702XB three notebook mice.

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PHILIPSSPM8713 mouse user manual

This is a user manual for a mouse, which introduces the features and how to use the mouse

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PHILIPS SPM4000SB mouse user manual

This manual introduces the SPM4000SB optical mouse usage method, including installation, connection, and use

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PHILIPS SPM2703 mouse user manual

This document is the user manual for the Wired notebook mouse SPM2703, providing specifications and usage instructions for the device, as well as compliance with FCC regulations. The device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and provides reasonable protection against interference in a residential installation.

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philips Wireless notebook mouse SPM9800 mouse Manual

The document is a registration and user manual for the Philips wireless notebook mouse SPM9800. It provides information on important matters such as the safety of electromagnetic fields and radiation, as well as the recycling and environmental requirements of the product. It also includes the system requirements and an overview of the product's features.

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PHILIPS Wireless laser mouse SPM7711WB Manual

The Philips Wireless Laser Mouse USB 1000 DPI SPM7711WB features a high 1000 DPI resolution for precise control on any surface. The mouse also features a 2.4GHz wireless connection with a range of up to 8 meters, a dual beam laser sensor and an intelligent power management system for up to a year of battery life.

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PHILIPS SPM8713WB laptop laser mouse Manual

The Philips notebook laser mouse USB 1600 DPI SPM8713WB is a high-precision comfort mouse that uses the innovative Philips twin-eye laser TM dual-beam laser sensor, which is suitable for almost any surface and has a smooth casing that is easy to clean.

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