Philips Telephone Manuals

PHILIPS SE655 Manual

This document is about a telephone answering machine, including warnings and instructions for use. The product requires rechargeable batteries and should be charged for 24 hours before use. The document also provides an overview of the product's features and characteristics, as well as detailed steps for installation and use.

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PHILIPS mobile telephone Manual(1)

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PHILIPS CD180 telephone Manual

CD180 DECT Phone Cordless phone

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PHILIPS Dect221/225 Manual

This manual introduces the basic operation of the Philips DECT 221/225 cordless phone, including setting up the phone, making calls, using the phonebook, checking call records, etc.

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This is a user guide for a single line telephone. It describes the basic functions of the telephone.

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PHILIPS DCTG622 DCTG625 user guide

User manual, introducing how to use the telephone, including inserting batteries, connecting the base unit, configuring the phone, making phone calls, answering phone calls, ending calls, adjusting the handset volume, storing contacts, etc.

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PHILIPS HWDLCD1888(C020)P/TSD DCTG625 user guide

This is the user manual of Philips phone, which includes the usage methods, function settings, safety information and so on

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PHILIPS DCTG682/DCTG685 user guide

This document provides a quick guide on how to connect, install, and enjoy the services of DCTG682/DCTG685 phones. It also includes a list of items in the packaging box and accessories.

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PHILIPS HWDCD1888(C024)P/TSD DCTG162 telephone user guide

This document is a user guide for Philips telephone directory, including accessing the phonebook, making calls, troubleshooting, etc.

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PHILIPS ID555 telephone User Guide ( English )

This manual describes the use of the Philips ID555 phone.

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PHILIPS ID555 telephone user guide ( English )2

This document introduces the functions of Philips' new phone, including listening to messages and making calls.

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PHILIPS CD150 SE150 telephone User Guide ( English )

Philips CD150/SE150 telephone user manual, introduces the functions and features of the phone and how to use it

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PHILIPS DCTG275 Duo telephone user guide

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PHILIPS DCTG570 Duo telephone user guide

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PHILIPS DCTG575 Duo telephone user guide

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PHILIPS DCTG270 Duo telephone Manual

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PHILIPS HWDCD1888(C021)P/TSD DCTG150 user guide

This is a Philips telephone user manual, which mainly introduces how to make a phone call, answer a phone call, set ringtones, etc.

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PHILIPS HWDLCD1888(C027)P/TSD DCTG567 telephone user guide

This document introduces a Philips telephone product with features such as an answering machine and phonebook management. Users can control the answering machine by pressing specific buttons to turn it on/off, play and delete messages. The phonebook allows users to make calls and store contacts. The document also provides troubleshooting and technical support information.

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