SAMPO Player Manuals

SAMPO DV-K36 digit kala OK video vcd player Manual

This document provides information about the safety precautions, troubleshooting, basic connections, and other aspects of the product.

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SAMPO MK-C904L player Manual

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SAMPO BD-H720 Blu-ray video player Manual

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SAMPO DVD player Manual(1)

This document introduces a multimedia player with multiple compatibilities, which can play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, MP3s, MP4s, etc., and has features such as AC-3 digital decoder and high-resolution video output.

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SAMPO DVB-K828/K831/921/939 player Manual

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SAMPO DVB-U22 DVD player Manual

This document describes the safety precautions and emergency handling methods for using the DVD optical disc drive. It includes power cord protection, machine placement, handling when the machine is not in use, prevention of fingers or foreign objects entering the machine, handling of condensation, cleaning methods, interference during TV broadcast reception, as well as repair services, copyright protection, and copy protection for the DVD optical disc drive.

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SAMPO DVD player Manual

This disc player can play DVD, VCD, CD and other disc, providing slow motion playback, interactive repeated playback, full function Chinese display, VCD, CD direct selection function, multi-function remote controller, VCD, CD reservation selection function, screen with Chinese display function

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SAMPO DV-R66 DVD player Manual

This document describes the safety precautions, panel and connection methods, button operations and display, basic playback operations, screen display modes, advanced playback operations, function menu settings, recording function operations, recording external input content, disc content editing, and terminology explanations of a product.

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