NEC Aspila EX user manual

This manual is Aspila EX user manual, which introduces the functions and characteristics of Aspila EX product, including abbreviated dialing, account code, alarm, alphanumeric display, analog communications interface, attendant call queuing, automatic call distribution, automatic route selection, background music, barge in, busy status display, call forwarding, call forwarding-fixed target, call forwarding-off-premise, call forwarding-abbreviated dial, call forwarding with follow me, call forwarding/do not disturb override, call redirect, call timer, call waiting/camp on, callback, caller-id, caller-id-sending, central office calls, answering, central office calls, placing, service class, conference, conference, voice call conference/privacy release, continued dialing, cost center code, data communication, etc.

Brand: NEC

File format: PDF

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Publication date: 01 January, 2000

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