Industrial Manuals

CELESTRON 4010 4020 4030 microscope Manual

This manual introduces the various parts and working principles of Celestron's 4010, 4020 and 4030 microscope models, as well as safety precautions that need to be taken when using these microscopes.

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TOPCON GPT-3000N/LN series Electronic total station Manual

This document describes the features and characteristics of the TOPCON GPT-3002/3005 series products, as well as their applications in the field of surveying.

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PHILIPS Digital Babyfood Thermometer ENGLISH 1 SBC SC201 User Guide ( English )

This document is the user manual of Philips SBC SC201 digital baby food thermometer, which introduces the features and usage of the product.

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RTS70O/710(OTS700/710) computer total station Manual

This technical document introduces the OTS700/710 and 700L/710L series products, including the safety, EMC, application, specification and maintenance.

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RTS602/612(OTS602/612) series total station Manual

This document describes the models and features of multiple products.

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USB hand-held microscope eheV3-USB50 Manual

eheV3-USB500 is a new type of digital electronic product. It is composed of optical lens, image sensor, lighting device, image conversion control circuit and computer connection. It can display, store, print and transmit the captured images on the computer display. USB handheld microscope features: Magnify and observe microscopic objects, take photos, record videos, and exchange dynamic image information on the Internet.

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Panasonic Activity Meter EW-NK30 Manual

This manual provides detailed instructions on how to use the EH-NA30 hair dryer.

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MT USB digital microscope MT1302USB Manual

MT USB Digital Microscope is an exciting new product that can let you see many tiny objects that are invisible to the naked eye, and is widely used in many fields such as industrial observation, skin inspection, scalp inspection, assistive devices to help the visually impaired read, electronic product quality inspection observation, school research tools, animal dissection inspection, plant growth observation, textile inspection, antiques identification, printing inspection, and so on.

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supereyes digital microscope Manual (T002)

This document is a user manual for a digital microscope, which introduces the application fields, product specifications, safety warnings and precautions, components, hardware installation, and usage methods of the digital microscope.

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Xin Wei technology radar level meter Manual

This document introduces the principle and characteristics of radar level meter. The radar level meter uses microwave pulses for measurement, and has the characteristics of accurate echo recognition and various process connection methods, suitable for various complex working conditions. This product is safe and harmless, and can be used to measure liquid and solid media.

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wellson intelligence Mine Reach Matter Position Meter WSRD200 Manual

WELLSONPRODUCTS WSRD200 intelligent radar level meter instruction manual, which introduces the measurement principle, input and output, application medium, product introduction, installation guide and other contents of this product.

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the LEICAtps400 series total station Manual

Leica TPS400 series total stations are easy to use, fast, reliable, and efficient measuring instruments. They feature Pinpoint technology, laser collimation, and electronic distance measurement, allowing for quick and accurate measurements. The total stations have a user-friendly design with a large screen and intuitive operation. They are customized solutions for various construction sites. In addition, the TPS400 series total stations offer prismless measurement and laser collimation, making them versatile for different measurement tasks.

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Trimble S8 total station Manual

Trimble S8 is an advanced total station platform with the latest optical technology and a complete solution for special engineering applications. It features MagDrive magnetic drive servo technology for fast and silent operation, resulting in increased productivity. With Trimble Survey Controller and Trimble 4D Control software, it offers seamless connectivity and high-precision measurement and monitoring.

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BA80/DMBA80 microscope Manual

BA80/DMBA80 binocular biological microscope is a German DIN industrial standard microscope with a magnification of 40X~1000X and an integrated 200 million or higher pixel high-resolution digital camera system to ensure the rapid transmission of a large number of high-definition image data.

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the Longxing United PDC-High-precision belt scales Meter Reference Manual

PDC-Ⅱ type high-precision belt scale instrument is a high-precision belt scale instrument with the latest technology. It adopts RS-485 interface, MODBUS protocol, and is combined with the belt scale frame to form an electronic belt scale. It can be used for internal and external settlement of enterprises, or for other occasions with higher weighing accuracy.

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LEICA TPS1200+ series super total Reference Manual

The Leica TPS1200+ is a high-precision, high-performance total station that incorporates a number of exciting new features: fast, precise, easy to use, reliable, and it is able to handle the most complex measurement tasks better and more efficiently.

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S-3000N scan Type Electronic microscope Simple Manual

S-3000N Scanning Electron Microscope User's Manual introduces the features of S-3000N scanning electron microscope, including secondary electron image resolution, magnification, accelerating voltage, probe current, vacuum value, sample space, sample holder moving range, etc.

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LEICA TPS1200 total station

The Leica TPS1200 total station is a high-precision angle measurement, long-distance distance measurement, accurate automatic aiming, fast and reliable prism auto-recognition measurement instrument.

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LEICA TPS1200+ series super total station

The Leica TPS1200+ total station integrates many exciting new features: fast, precise, user-friendly, and reliable, enabling it to better and more efficiently handle the most complex measurement tasks, with the added benefit of seamless integration with GNSS.

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