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Philips Soft NG desk lamp with eye care technology (blue) 18W

Philips Soft NG desk lamp with eye care technology adopts a reflector/collimator with significantly improved optical performance for better performance. The 2D flexible arm of the lamp can be easily adjusted. Take care of your eyes • Scientific light divergence • Take care of your eyes Energy saving • Designed for energy-saving lamps • 80% energy saving compared to traditional light sources • Supplied with energy-saving bulbs • No visible flicker Easy to operate • Place it anywhere

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Panasonic Microwave Oven User Manual

The document introduces the user manual of Panasonic microwave oven, including the placement of the microwave oven, safety precautions, cooking precautions, selection of cooking utensils, function instructions, control panel, touch screen, usage tips, heating principle, precautions and tips for heating, common steam heating, temperature controlled heating, milk/cooked soy milk setting, defrosting setting, breakfast setting, my favorite setting, menu by menu search recipe, ECONAVI function description, manual microwave power setting, grilling setting, double power grill setting, baking/fermentation setting, baking (no preheating), baking (need preheating), fermentation, steam heating setting, steam addition, linkage cooking setting, manual heating reference time, convenient tool microwave oven maintenance, automatic cleaning, common problems (cooking), common problems (operation), fault diagnosis, specifications, names and contents of hazardous substances or elements in the product, cooking guide, etc.

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Installation Instructions for Enshi Basin Faucet

The Enshi basin faucet is made of high-quality brass material, with surface electroplating process, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. After unscrewing the nut group No. 15 of the faucet body, insert it from top to bottom into the middle hole of the three-hole basin, then install the gasket and the nut group No. 15 under the platform, and then tighten the hexagon socket head cap screws with the hexagon wrench.

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Smart Toilet Seat Manual

This product is a smart toilet seat with features such as power saving, water volume adjustment, temperature adjustment, nozzle position adjustment, feminine wash, drying, hip wash, and massage.

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TONE Factory Turntable Manual

The TONE Factory is a turntable that has the following features: 33/45 RPM, Bluetooth connectivity, RCA cable output, dust cover, etc.

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A negative ion waterless mini air conditioner

The utility model discloses a negative ion waterless mini air conditioner, which provides a negative ion waterless mini air conditioner. Through the atomizer, the water body is recycled to cool the device, and then combined with the U-shaped baffle to quickly block the unatomized water droplets, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection and cooling; Through the setting of the handle, it is convenient to move the utility model; Through the setting of the hook, buckle and rectangular block, the structure of the utility model is integrated, stable and compact.

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Electric Gate Installation and Use Manual

The document is about how to install and use an electric gate.

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IKEA ENHET bathroom series

The IKEA ENHET bathroom series features a modular design that can be combined and updated as needed. The series offers bathroom cabinets in different widths and depths to suit a variety of spaces.

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RX-7032VSL Audio/Video Control Receiver

The RX-7032VSL Audio/Video Control Receiver is a versatile audio system with the following features: 1. It has a 5.1-channel surround sound system that can provide an immersive sound experience. 2. It has multiple input ports, allowing you to connect various audio source devices. 3. It has multiple sound effect modes to satisfy the listening needs of different users. 4. It has a remote control, allowing you to easily control the sound system.

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Test report of Joyoung electric oven KX-10J5 (upgraded) and KX-10J65 (upgraded)

The Joyoung electric oven KX-10J5 (upgraded) and KX-10J65 (upgraded) meet the requirements of GB4706.1-2005 and GB4706.14-2008.

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Dell™ W3201C 32” LCD TV

The Dell™ W3201C 32” LCD TV is a high-performance television with the following features:

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Thank you for purchasing this TIGER rice cooker/warmer. Please read these instructions carefully before use and observe them during use.

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Petkit Pet Feeder

This product is a pet feeder that can be controlled by a mobile phone app to feed pets at a set time and in a set amount.

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Suning Tesco Electric Oven Quality Sampling Inspection Requirements

Suning Tesco Electric Oven Quality Sampling Inspection Requirements

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Vulcan Dishwasher

Vulcan water treatment system can improve the washing effect of dishwashers. After installing Vulcan, the reaction between detergent and water will be enhanced, so please reduce the amount of detergent. You can reduce the detergent by up to 50%.

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Midea Dishwasher User Manual

Midea dishwasher user manual, introduces the dishwasher's safety warnings, product introduction, instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance, installation instructions and service guide.

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HEATMAX Pasta Cooker Multi-function Pasta Cooker RCTHW-6 Series/Series Installation and Operating Manual

This document is about the installation and operating manual for the HEATMAX Pasta Cooker Multi-function Pasta Cooker RCTHW-6 Series/Series.

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A stable electric kettle based on negative pressure adsorption

The present invention discloses a stable electric kettle based on negative pressure adsorption, which can very well use the gravity conversion to drive the corresponding components to operate by using the gravity of the kettle and its internal water, so as to regulate the pressure to achieve the connection mode of negative pressure adsorption, and ensure the stability of the kettle body, the connection seat and the base, and improve the safety of use. At the same time, it is convenient for quick removal and separation, and convenient for use.

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A sealing jar

The present invention discloses a sealing can, comprising a can body, a sealing cover and a handle. The handle is in the shape of an inverted U and is provided on the top of the sealing cover. The sealing cover has a shape that fits the inner wall shape of the can body, and a rubber sealing ring is provided in the middle section of the outer edge of the sealing cover, and a venting sealing part is provided in the middle of the sealing cover. The beneficial effects of the present invention are that: the design is novel and beautiful, the air in the sealing can can be discharged, the sealing effect is greatly enhanced, and the interior of the can can be evacuated by a vacuum pump or a vacuum cylinder to obtain a better sealing effect.

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