SHARP Manuals (Electronics)

SHARP XG-V10XU Operation Manual

This is an operation manual for the XG-V10XU LCD projector. The document includes information on setup, connections, basic operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It also introduces some useful features and network functions. It should be noted that lenses for the projector are sold separately.

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SHARP XG-C455W PG-C355W Owners Manual

This operating manual is for the XG-C455W and PG-C355W projectors. It introduces the quick start method, connection method, basic operation and useful features of the projector.

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SHARP KSH-777DW Operation Manual

Instruction manual for commercial rice cooker.

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SHARP AX-1100 Operation Manual

This manual describes the operation, precautions and maintenance of the AX-1100S/1100R steam oven.

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SHARP UX-K01 Manual

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SHARP EL-6850 EL-6890 Manual

This manual introduces the usage of EL-6850, EL-6890 electronic organizers.

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SHARP EL-6930 Manual

This file is a manual for a handheld notepad from the New York Times, the manual introduces the functions and usage methods of the handheld notepad

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SHARP EL-6985 Manual

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This document is a user manual for the 35 MODELO EL-6990 ELECTRONIC ORGANIZER. It provides information on the various features and operation instructions of the product.

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SHARP OZ570 Operation Manual

This document introduces the features and characteristics of a product

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SHARP OZ590 Operation Manual

This document is the operation manual for the 41 MODEL OZ-590 electronic organizer, providing information on the various functions and modes of the product, as well as instructions on how to use and manage the memory.

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SHARP OZ590A Operation Manual

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SHARP OZ630 OZ640 OZ650 Operation Manual

This manual introduces the basic functions and operating methods of the OZ-630/OZ-640/OZ-650 electronic organizer, including connecting to a computer, managing the phone book, scheduling, notes, calculator, alarm clock, games, world clock, etc.

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SHARP OZ730 OZ750 Operation Manual

The document describes the features and characteristics of the products.

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SHARP OZ770 Operation Manual

This document provides instructions on how to use the electronic organizer OZ-770, including general operation, time management, creating a database, memo desk accessories, expense features and utilities, data transfer, and personalization.

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This is a user manual that introduces how to use this product

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SHARP EL6320 Operation Manual

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SHARP EL6230 Operation Manual

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SHARP EL6190 Operation Manual

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SHARP EL6160 EL6170 Operation Manual

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