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TOSHIBA AD268 DA264 TC218 user manual

This document is a user manual for the programmable controller PROSEC T2-series analog I/O modules AD268 / DA264 / TC218 by Toshiba Corporation. The document provides important information about the equipment, including the potential property damage or human injury that may result from misuse of the equipment, and the fact that Toshiba Corporation shall not be responsible or liable for indirect or consequential damage or injury that may result from the use of this equipment. Furthermore, the document states that Toshiba Corporation reserves the right to make changes and improvements to this publication and/or related products at any time without notice, and that no obligation shall be incurred other than as noted in this publication.

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TC74VHC27F/FT/FK is a ultra-high speed CMOS 3-input NOR gate produced by Toshiba. This product has the characteristics of high speed, low power consumption, high noise margin, power down protection function for all inputs, balanced delay time, wide operating voltage range, the same pin connection and the same function as 74ALS27.

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