TOSHIBA Board Manuals


TB62600FG is an integrated circuit specifically designed for 64-bit thermal head drivers. It is designed to be used together with Bi-CMOS (DMOS) integrated circuits. The device consists of a 64-bit shift register, dual 64-bit latches, and 64 output DMOS structures.

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TOSHIBA BiCMOS Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TB6066FNG Manual

The TB6066FNG is a shock sensor IC produced by Toshiba. The chip operates from 2.7 to 5.5 volts DC and outputs a low-level signal. The chip has good signal-to-noise ratio and can be used in mechanical control systems such as servo control.

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The TB62201AFG is a dual-stepping motor driver IC for OA equipment using PWM chopper type. It is driven by chopper micro-step pseudo sine wave. Two pairs of 16-bit latch and shift registers are built in the IC to drive two-phase stepping motors. The IC is optimal for driving stepping motors at high efficiency and with low-torque ripple.

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TC74VHC00F, TC74VHC00FT, and TC74VHC00FK are quad 2-input NAND gate products released by Toshiba. They use CMOS technology and have the characteristics of low power consumption and high-speed operation comparable to Schottky TTL. The newly adopted Q&Q buffer greatly reduces various noises generated during switching. The internal circuit is a 3-stage configuration with buffers, providing high noise margin and stable output. All input terminals adopt a newly developed input protection circuit that does not include a diode on the positive side (toward VCC from the input), allowing input voltages of 5.5V to be applied even without the power supply voltage. This input power-down protection method enables a wide range of applications, including 2 power supply interface, level conversion from 5V to 3V system, and battery backup circuits.

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TC74HCU04AP/AF/AFT is a high-speed CMOS inverter that uses CMOS technology and has features such as low power consumption and high-speed operation. It can achieve high-speed operation comparable to LSTTL with the advantages of CMOS technology. The internal circuit has a simple one-gate configuration, making it suitable for applications such as crystal oscillators. In addition, diodes are added to protect the device from electrostatic discharge for all inputs.

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TC74ACT373P/F/FT is a high-speed CMOS 8-bit latch from Toshiba. It features low power consumption and high-speed operation. The chip uses 2-layer metal, silicon-gate CMOS technology and has TTL level inputs, which can be directly connected to TTL level buses. The chip consists of 8 independent latches controlled by a common latch enable signal (LE) and an output enable signal (OE). The output can be set to high impedance state by a high level OE signal, which makes it easy to interface with the bus. In addition, all inputs are equipped with diodes to protect the device from electrostatic damage.

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TOSHIBA TB62207BF Manual

TB62207BF/BFG is a step motor driver chip produced by Toshiba. It uses dual-channel step motor driver/DC motor driver switching + DC/DC converter + reset function, with the characteristics of low torque ripple and high efficiency.

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