SAMSUNG Semiconductor KSC900 handbook

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SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS K6F4008U2E Family handbook

The K6F4008U2E is a 512K x8 bit super low power and low voltage full CMOS static RAM produced by Samsung Electronics. It supports industrial temperature range of -40~85℃ and a power supply voltage range of 2.7~3.3V. The minimum standby power consumption is 1.0µA and the maximum operating current is 2mA.

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SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS SDRAM 256Mb E-die (x4 x8 x16) handbook

This document describes the specifications and features of three models of SDRAM 256Mb E-die products, including storage capacity, interface type, and package form.

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This document is about K4C89183AF-ACF5 specification, introduces the product features and characteristics, including product technical parameters, performance indicators and so on.

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SAMSUNG Electronics S3C9644/C9648/P9648

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SAMSUNG S5K3A1EA handbook

S5K3A1EA is a 1/3 inch SXGA CMOS image sensor produced by SAMSUNG with 1280x1024 effective pixels. It is manufactured using a 0.18um CMOS process and has a 10-bit ADC block to digitize pixel output and an on-chip CDS to significantly reduce fixed pattern noise (FPN).

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Samsung KS8803B Data Sheet

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Samsung KS0065B Data Sheet

This document is about KS0063B type product technical specifications, mainly introduces the characteristics of the product, including the product structure, working principle, application scenarios, etc.

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Samsung KM681002B KM681002BI Data Sheet

This is a 128k x 8 bit high-performance cmos static ram with fast access time, low power consumption, high reliability, low cost and small size.

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Samsung KM62256D Family Data Sheet

The KM62256D Family CMOS SRAM is a 32Kx8 bit low power CMOS static RAM produced by SAMSUNG.

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Samsung K7N163601A handbook

512Kx36 & 1Mx18 Pipelined NtRAMTM Datasheet

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Samsung K6T1008C2C Family handbook

This document describes the features and characteristics of Samsung's K6T1008C2C family of low power CMOS static RAM, including support for various operating temperature ranges and package types for flexible system design, as well as low data retention voltage and low data retention current for battery backup operation.

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Samsung OneNAND1G(KFG1G16Q2M-DEB5) Data Sheet

This is a specification sheet for KFG1G16Q2M-DEB5, which includes the product overview, revision history, ordering information, description, operation information, electrical specifications and timing waveforms, application information and technical information, and package dimensions.

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KM68V1000B, KM68U1000B Family CMOS SRAM is a low power low voltage CMOS static RAM produced by Samsung Semiconductor. It has three-state output and TTL compatibility, and supports various package types to meet user flexibility in system design.

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Samsung K6X4016T3F Family Data Sheet

The K6X4016T3F Family CMOS SRAM is a low power and low voltage CMOS static RAM produced by Samsung Electronics.

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Samsung K6R1004V1D Data Sheet

This document is about the specification of the 64Kx16 bit High-Speed CMOS Static RAM(3.3V Operating) Operated at Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges

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Samsung 256MB 512MB 1GB Unbuffered DIMMs Data Sheet

This 2005 PDF document is Samsung's DDR2 memory module specification manual, which provides detailed information on the features and characteristics of Samsung's 256MB, 512MB and 1GB DDR2 memory modules.

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Samsung SX5437M21X-X0B0 (1/4 VGA CIS Camera Module)

This document is about 1/4 inch VGA CIS camera module SX5437M21X-X0B0's preliminary specification

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6 BIT 384 CHANNEL RSDS TFT-LCD SOURCE DRIVER is Samsung's S6C1108, which is a source driver suitable for Reduced Swing Differential Signaling(RSDS) digital interface. It converts 18-bit digital data into the analog voltage for 384 channels, charging each sub-pixel to the correct gray level corresponding to the digital value. The RSDS path to the panel timing controller contributes toward lowering radiated EMI, reducing system power consumption and eliminates one of the two pixel busses used in typical XGA, SXGA TFT LCD panels. This single 9-bit differential bus conveys the 18-bit color data for XGA, SXGA panels.

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