SAMSUNG HELIX home car install guide

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SAMSUNG NEXUS 25/50 quick tips guide

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SAMSUNG NEXUS 25/50 car install guide

The document provides instructions on how to use the NeXus player and XM Mini-Tuner. The NeXus player can be used in the car and at home by carrying it between installations along with the Mini-Tuner. The player allows for listening to live XM broadcasts, recorded XM broadcasts, and WMA/MP3 files.

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SAMSUNG NEXUS 25/50 home/car install guide

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Samsung GT-I9100 user manual

GT-I9100 user manual is a Samsung mobile phone user guide that provides information on the product's features and usage methods

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samsung SL-SV600J Manual

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Samsung SSH22N40/35 Data Sheet

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samsung KM6164002 KM6164002E KM6164002I handbook

KM6164002 is a CMOS SRAM product with high performance and reliability. It is designed with low power consumption and suitable for various applications.

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samsung KM416V4004C KM416V4104C handbook

KM416V4004C,KM416V4104C CMOS DRAM is a family of 4,194,304 x 16 bit Extended Data Out Mode CMOS DRAMs. This family offers high speed random access of memory cells within the same row. Refresh cycle(4K Ref. or 8K Ref.), access time (-45, -5 or -6), power consumption(Normal or Low power) are optional features of this family. All of this family have CAS-before-RAS refresh, RAS-only refresh and Hidden refresh capabilities. Furthermore, Self-refresh operation is available in L-version.

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samsung K6F4016U4G Family handbook

This datasheet provides the specifications of K6F4016U4G series products, including operating temperature range, voltage range, speed, power consumption, package type, standby current, operating current, etc.

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samsung K4M56323LE - M(E)E/N/S/C/L/R handbook

K4M56323LE is a synchronous high data rate Dynamic RAM fabricated with SAMSUNG's high performance CMOS technology. It has various features and functions, including LVCMOS compatibility, four banks operation, MRS cycle, and EMRS cycle.

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samsung K4M511533E - Y(P)C/L/F handbook

The K4M511533E - Y(P)C/L/F is a synchronous high data rate dynamic random access memory released by Samsung. Its capacity is 536,870,912 bits, organized as 4 x 8,388,608 words x 16 bits, and manufactured with Samsung's high performance CMOS technology. The device adopts a synchronous design, which allows precise cycle control by using the system clock, and I/O transactions are possible on every clock cycle. The device supports a variety of operating frequencies, programmable burst lengths and programmable latencies, making it suitable for a variety of high bandwidth and high performance memory system applications.

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samsung DDR SDRAM 512Mb C-die (x4 x8 x16) handbook

This is a technical specification document for 512Mb C-die DDR SDRAM 66 TSOP-II with Pb-Free (RoHS compliant)

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Samsung 4GB Registered DIMM Data Sheet

This document is a DDR SDRAM 4GB Registered DIMM specification, which mainly introduces the product's features and characteristics, including product composition, working frequency, density, organization structure, component composition, height, speed, etc.

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This document provides specifications and features of OneNAND256 flash memory, including different models with voltage, temperature range, and packaging options.

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This document introduces the specifications of three Samsung OneNAND flash memory products (1GB, 2GB and 4GB)

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SAMSUNG LT104S1-101 handbook

LT104S1-101 is a voltage reference produced by LT company. It has high accuracy, low noise, low power consumption, high stability and other characteristics.

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SAMSUNG Semiconductor KSR2214 handbook

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