LENOVO Manuals

lenovo G450/G550 computer Käyttöopas

This document is a user manual for the G450/G550 models, providing information on the features and usage of the products.

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lenovo G450/G550 Handbok

This is a user manual for Lenovo G450/G550 laptop

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lenovo G450/G550 Brukerhåndbok

This document is the user manual for the G450/G550 notebook, providing guidelines and precautions for using the product. It mentions that the manual assumes the use of Windows Vista and highlights the potential differences and inapplicability for other Windows operating systems.

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lenovo G450/G550 Brugervejledning V1.0

This is a user manual for Lenovo G450/G550 laptops, which contains information on how to use the laptop, system configuration, installation steps and operating systems.

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lenovo 4155 4158 4218 ThinkStation User Guide

This document is a user guide for ThinkStation machines, providing information about the machine types and safety precautions, as well as instructions for setting up and using the machine.

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Lenovo ThinkPad R61 CFF Teacher Training Manual

This document is a teacher training manual for the Lancaster School District, including specifications and features of the Lenovo ThinkPad R61 laptop computer.

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LENOVO 4330 Inkjet Printer Manual

This user guide introduces how to install and use the Lenovo 4330 Inkjet printer.

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Lenovo recommends Windows Vista Business Manual

ThinkPad x60t is a light and portable tablet computer that comes with a full-sized keyboard, digitizer pen, and touchscreen for convenient user interaction. It also offers multiple display options to meet the needs of users: all panels feature wide viewing angles combined with very low reflectivity which are designed to keep users productive even outdoors. Moreover, it comes with improved stereo speaker performance combined with an optional integrated camera and dual array digital microphones for the ultimate multimedia experience. ThinkPad x60t also comes with dual swivel hinge, more sensitive finger touch, and improved palm rejection for improved usability.

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lenovo ThinkStation 4105 4157 4217User Guide

This ThinkStation user guide provides information on how to use ThinkStation computers, including setting up, using, and maintaining them.

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Lenovo 3000 C100 Service Troubleshooting Guide

This document is the service and troubleshooting guide for Lenovo 3000 C100, including the features and characteristics of the product, important tips for taking care of the computer, diagnostics and troubleshooting, recovery options, help and service, and warranty information for the computer.

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Lenovo 3000 C Series N Series Service Troubleshooting Guide

This manual describes how to repair and troubleshoot Lenovo 3000 C Series and N Series notebook computers.

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LENOVO Thinkcentre user manual

ThinkCentre User Guide Machine Types: 0800, 0852, 0870, 2471, 2557, 3091, 3265, 3373, 3429, 3650, 3678, 4285, 5205, and 5248

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Lenovo V470/V570/ B470/B570 User Guide V1.0

This document is the Lenovo V470/V570/B470/B570 User Guide, which provides safety notices and important tips for the product, as well as regulatory information for wireless devices. The features described in the guide are common to most models, but there may be some model-specific features. Some instructions in the guide are based on Windows 7 system, and other operating systems may have slight differences.

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Lenovo ThinkStation 6423 6427 6449 6483 6493 User Guide

This document is the second edition of the ThinkStation User Guide, published in July 2008. It contains important safety information, workspace arrangement requirements, computer setup and connection methods, and more.

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LENOVO IdeaPad S100 Manual

This is a user guide for Lenovo IdeaPad S100 laptop, which mainly introduces the appearance, configuration, key functions, connecting devices and other contents.

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LENOVO V360 Manual

The Lenovo V360 User Manual V1.0 provides information on the safety, basic operations, internet usage, and one-key rescue system of the product.

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LENOVO 3000 C200 Manual

This is a hardware maintenance manual for Lenovo 3000 C200.

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LENOVO G470/G475/G570/G575 Manual(1)

This is the user manual for Lenovo G470/G475/ G570/G575 notebook computer, which introduces the computer's usage, basic operations, connection methods, safety use and other contents.

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LENOVO Y470/Y570 Manual

This document provides safety notices and important tips for using the Lenovo IdeaPad Y470/Y570. The user guide describes the features and characteristics of the product.

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Lenovo G770 User Guide V1.0

Describes the features and usage methods of Lenovo G770

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