Electronics TC7SL02F TC7SL02FU handbook

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Electronics TOTR370M-IR Series Optical Communication Devices handbook

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Electronics TOTX193 handbook

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ABB 5STP33L2800 Control Thyristor

Patented free-floating silicon technology

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ABB 5STP30T1800 Control Thyristor

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ABB 5STP52U5200 Control Thyristor

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ABB TSP411 Temperature sensors

The connection head and lid form the protective housing for the sensor element and are available in either epoxy-coated aluminium (AGL series) or uncoated 316 stainless steel (AGS series). The head is provided with two connection ports, both drilled and threaded to M20 x 1.5 mm. One connection port is closed by an EX d rated plug.

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ABB 500LTD02 Line Transformer

The line transformer 500LTD02 is designed for FSK channels with 9.6kBd and to isolate and protect the RTU500 series Modems 23WT24 and 560FSM11 from the telecontrol line. Moreover it can also be connected to other data terminal equipments. It operates at a frequency range from 2 kHz to 50 kHz and is optimized for line impedances of 150 Ohms which applies to above mentioned modems.

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ABB 5STP38N4200 Control Thyristor

Patented free-floating silicon technology

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ABB ST400 flow transmitter

The LST400 is an ultrasonic level transmitter capable of measuring liquid level or solid applications up to 15 m (50 ft.) or flow rates in all types of open channel flow applications. The transmitter has a single 4 to 20 mA DC analog output with HART 7 and five (5) relay outputs. A transducer is fitted to the top of a silo or tank, facing down towards the material being measured.

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ABB AF190 AF205 Contactors

The AF190 ... AF205 family is made to respond successfully to all plant engineering requirements, from the standard ones to the most technologically advanced ones.

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ABB IRB1520ID Arc Welder

This high precision robotic arc welder, with integrated process dressing, combines 24/7 production output with 50% lower cost of maintenance to deliver the lowest cost per weld in its class.

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ABB Tropos1410-DIN mesh router

Tropos 1410-DIN wireless mesh routers and bridges are used to build field area networks for automation applications. They enable cost-effective and highly secure IP communications for utility, oil and gas, mining, and industrial applications that monitor and control field automation endpoints such as intelligent electrical devices, industrial process controllers and SCADA devices. Ethernet and serial interfaces supporting DNP3 and Modbus provide future-proof operation to new and legacy d

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ABB 5STP08T2800 Control Thyristor

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ABB 5STP03X6500 Control Thyristor

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ABB FCB330 FCH350 Mass Flowmeter

State of the art transmitter

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ABB 5STP24H2800 Control Thyristor

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ABB 5STP04D4200 Control Thyristor

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ABB 5STP17T2200 Control Thyristor

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ABB 5STP17H5200 Control Thyristor

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