About Manuallib.com

ManualLib.com collects and classifies instruction manuals for products all over the world to help users access them anytime and anywhere, helping users make better use of their products.

Our vision:

TV functions being immediately looked up through ManualLib.com.
ManualLib.com being available through mobile when there's a car malfunction.
Look up in ManualLib.com possible side effects of a drug and dietary taboos.
Learn whether a product fits for you and to contrast various models by browsing ManualLib.com.
On ManualLib.com, Manufacturers can update product manuals and correct errors anytime.
On Manuallib.com, astronauts can check the new equipments' manuals for Space Stations.
Someday, you will get all products' information and help from ManualLib.com for environmental protection and easy updates.

ManualLib.com is an open platform for all users, and all the instructional documentations come from the following channels:

1. Directly from product manufacturers.
2. The Internet.
3. Enthusiastic users.

Convenience for good!

ManualLib.com advocates convenience for good, adhering to the priciple of convenience, rather than gorgeous interface and fancy function. ManualLib.com strives to provide users of desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets and other terminals with convenient, compatible sevices.

Free of charge!

ManualLib.com adheres to the open, free and sharing spirit of the Internet, so that all users are able to freely look up instruction manuals without registration nor fees.

Continuous updates!

ManualLib.com has a professional technical team and an editorial team. We will make continous efforts to collect, examine and classify various instructional documentations and maintain the stable operation of the website.

Support from manufacturers!

All manufacturers are welcome to support and join us to provide users with better service of product use. In the meantime, ManualLib.com is a perfect platform to advertise, where users quickly obtain the information of their products, other models with related functions, and product line, helping manufacturers reach new users and customer loyalty.

Contact: service@manuallib.com
For cooperation of manufacturers and other business, submitting instruction manuals, and/or Copyright disputes and reports.