Panasonic Microwave Oven User Manual

Update: 29 November, 2023

The document introduces the user manual of Panasonic microwave oven, including the placement of the microwave oven, safety precautions, cooking precautions, selection of cooking utensils, function instructions, control panel, touch screen, usage tips, heating principle, precautions and tips for heating, common steam heating, temperature controlled heating, milk/cooked soy milk setting, defrosting setting, breakfast setting, my favorite setting, menu by menu search recipe, ECONAVI function description, manual microwave power setting, grilling setting, double power grill setting, baking/fermentation setting, baking (no preheating), baking (need preheating), fermentation, steam heating setting, steam addition, linkage cooking setting, manual heating reference time, convenient tool microwave oven maintenance, automatic cleaning, common problems (cooking), common problems (operation), fault diagnosis, specifications, names and contents of hazardous substances or elements in the product, cooking guide, etc.

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Publication date: 29 November, 2023

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