ECOBECK GTD203 Coffee Machine User Manual

Update: 19 November, 2023

ECOBECK GTD203 is a coffee machine with the following features: 1. 220V/50Hz 1600W 2. 315mm(W) × 505mm(D) × 665(H)mm/390mm(W) × 680mm(D) × 760(H)mm 3. 20Kg/23Kg 4. 3 flavors (milk, tea, coffee, mocha, etc.) for hot drinks 5. 3 high cans (1.6kg) for instant powder 6. 5L+ hot water 1.8 L 7. Water supply from the top through a water jug 8. Price can be set in local currency and counterfeit money can also be recognized; different prices can be set for different types of drinks 9. You can have the best taste by adjusting the amount of water and ingredients, intelligent control and automatic stirring 10. Continuous supply of cups even in busy demand 11. 8000 RPM high speed mixing, the drink can be mixed very well 12. Automatic washing and cleaning 13. Detects the fault and displays the fault code automatically 14. Counting the sales cups of different drinks accurately, convenient for financial management

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Publication date: 19 November, 2023

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