National Manuals (Industrial)

NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS NI WSN-9791 Ethernet Gateway user guide

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National Semiconductor 74LCX125 Low Voltage Quad Buffer with 5V Tolerant Inputs Outputs handbook

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National semicondutor ADC082S051 2 Channel 500 kSPS 8-Bit A/D Converter Manual

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National Semiconductor TP3070 TP3071 TP3070-X Manual

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NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS NI SMB-2145/2146/2147/2148 Shielded Signal Accessories for NI 5751/5752 Adapter Modules USER GUIDE

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National Semiconductor LM124/LM224/LM324/LM2902 Low Power Quad Operational Amplifiers datasheet

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National Semiconductor LM158/LM258/LM358/LM2904 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers datasheet

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National semicondutor LM139/LM239/LM339/LM2901/LM3302 Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparators Manual

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National Semiconductor OP-07 Low Offset Low Drift Operational Amplifier datasheet

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National Semiconductor OP-07 Low Offset Low Drift Operational Amplifier handbook

The OP-07 has very low input offset voltage which is obtained by trimming at the wafer stage. These low offset voltages generally eliminate any need for external nulling. The OP-07 also features low input bias current and high open-loop gain. The low offsets and high open-loop gain make the OP-07 particularly useful for high-gain applications. The wide input voltage range of g13V minimum combined with high CMRR of 110 dB and high input impedance provide high accuracy in the non-inverting circuit configuration. Excellent linearity and gain accuracy can be maintained even at high closed-loop gains. Stability of offsets and gain with time or variation in temperature is excellent. The OP-07 is available in TO-99 metal can, ceramic or molded DIP. For improved specifications, see the LM607.

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National Semiconductor LM158/LM258/LM358/LM2904 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers handbook1

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National LM117/LM317A/LM317 Manual

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National LM118/LM218/LM318 Manual

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National LM1575/LM2575/LM2575HV Manual

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National LM2576/LM2576HV Series Manual

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National LM1577/LM2577 Guide

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National LM1577/LM2577 Series Manual(1)(1)

LM1577/LM2577 are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all of the power and control functions for step-up (boost), flyback, and forward converter switching regulators. The device is available in three different output voltage versions: 12V, 15V, and adjustable. Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are cost effective, and simple to use. Features include NPN output switches, wide input voltage range, current-mode operation, 52 kHz internal oscillator, soft-start function, and output switch protection.

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National LM1577/LM2577 Series Manual(1)

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National LM1578A/LM2578A/LM3578A Manual(1)(1)

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National LM1578A/LM2578A/LM3578A Manual(1)

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