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CHANGHONG technology Service center DLQ-900-16 heater repair manual

DLQ-900-16 electric heater is a product provided by Changhong Technical Service Center. This product adopts a fan-shaped design and has remote control, oscillation, and power adjustment functions. The structure consists of a control circuit, column, and head. The head contains a heating component. The circuit structure adopts infrared remote control technology, which allows remote control operation within a range of 7 meters. The troubleshooting chapter describes the troubleshooting method for the power failure of the electric heater.

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SAMPO HX-YA12P heater Manual

This document is an instruction manual for the Sampo upright ceramic timed electric heater HX-YA12P, which introduces the names of various parts of the product, instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance methods, safety instructions, emergency handling methods, and after-sales service.

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SAMPO HX-FB06P heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-FC12P heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-FA12P heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-CA11U heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-LA11U heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-PH07C heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-FC14F heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-PF12P heater Manual

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SAMPO HX-P5101NL heater Manual

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SAMPO KP-PK45W Electric thermos Manual

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SAMPO micro computer Thermos Manual

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SAMPO Ceramics Type Timing heater Manual

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sanyo Charge Electricity Type Warm eggs kir-s3s Manual

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SanDy SD-8026 Electric kettle Manual

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SanDy SD-8023/8025 Electric thermos Manual

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SAMPO KP-YB40M Electric thermos Manual

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German Pool HTS-200 Fan heater Manual

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German Pool HTF-210/211 Fan heater Manual

This document provides information on the precautions, product structure, operating instructions, care and maintenance, troubleshooting, technical specifications, and warranty terms and conditions of a tower fan heater with remote control.

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